Dampa sa Libis Restaurant: Seafood and More Paluto

Dampa or Seafood Market have been very popular in the Metro perhaps because it's a cheaper alternative to the usual restaurants.  They have been sprouting like mushrooms everywhere.  When in Libis Quezon City, you can check out Dampa Sa Libis Restaurant.  If you're not familiar with the place, it could be tricky to find so I suggest you check the map at the bottom of this post.

dampa sa libis
Dampa Sa Libis Restaurant is a bit shabby.  The set up is similar to food court equipped with electric fans.  You can opt for the air-conditioned area but then you'd smell like seafood.  If you're not comfortable with any of those then take out is your best choice.

There are a lot of restaurant options.  I guess regulars have their own favorites.
aling celys seafoods
Aling Cely's Seafoods
china gate
China Gate
kusina ni manang
Kusina ni Manang
kusina sa libis
Kusina sa Libis
At the back of the dining area is the wet market where you can buy seafood and even meat.  This is the place to show off your skills in choosing the best quality and haggle for the lowest price.  I have to admit, I have no skills for those.  My shyness and compassion always gives in so I couldn't haggle much.  =p

wet market dampa sa libis

After purchasing, the wet market will lead you to the weighing area and let you choose where you want it to be cooked.

The restaurants are friendly yet competitive with each other so pricing for their "paluto" (cooking requests) service is standard.  Just select the cooking method you want per ingredient.
paluto service rate

Here are some of the dishes we had.  I apologies if I can't recall the price per ingredient so I'll just post the paluto service charge.

beef steak
Beef Steak 1/2 KL (90 php)
Vegetable and Ensalada
cooked vegetable
Cooked Vegetables 1/2 KL (90 php)
tempura shrimp
Tempura (100 php)
The batter of the Tempura is pretty good.  But, they still can't match the sauce that Japanese restaurants can provide.  

sweet and sour fish
Sweet and Sour Fish 1/2KL (90 php)
Overall, the food is pretty good.  The experience is nice and the price is very affordable.  A bit lacking on the ambiance though.  But if you're too lazy to cook and are on a tight budget, this is one of the best considerations.  You save more when in groups too.  They also have a wide parking area.  

Dampa sa Libis Restaurant 
Business Address
107 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 637-3301 /(02) 395-5050
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