Agahan: My First Breakfast Meal at Night (Closed)

The other day, I just found out a great place to hang out in Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City called Agahan.  It's weird that I never noticed this place before although it is just two blocks away from my school at RCBC Plaza.  Agahan as hinted by its name serves all day breakfast.



Agahan offers a fun and cozy modernistic ambiance.  The entire place is filled with colorful pastel colors even the place mats.  The interiors are complemented by the lively music too.  I've never been to a place like it before.  As soon as I sat down, it felt so homey and comfortable that I felt at ease.  


Agahan's unique game dice
Agahan offers games to entertain its customers for FREE.   We, Tsinoy Foodies, love games!  We used to go a long way to Katipunan just to play board games at Game Crab Board Game Cafe where they charge 45 php an hour per person.  I was expecting the highly popular and addictive card game of Monopoly Deal there but they don't have it.  Instead, they interactive group games like Pictureka and Cranium Cards which are also fun too!  Aside from those, the owner Ms. Adee enthusiastically introduced to us her self-innovated card game.  Cool huh?  Well, you'll have to dine there to know about it. =p   As soon as I saw the games, I could envision work teams eating together and playing those games at Agahan as an affordable and convenient team building activity.  It's also a good destressing place after a tiring or stressful day at work.  It could also a family or groupie (barkada) hang out.  Oh, did I mention they offer FREE WiFi too?  The FREE WiFi and the availability of electrical outlets makes the venue ideal for group meetings and solo work and study sessions.  


Agahan Platter
agahan platter
Agahan Platter: Luncheon Meat, Hungarian Sausage and Chicken Nuggets (250 php)
agahan platter
Agahan Platter: Bacon, Tocino and Chicken Nuggets (250 php)
agahan platter
Agahan Platter: Bacon, Tocino and Ligaya's Tapa (250 php)
The Agahan Platter is a customizable combination dish where you can choose three of the following: Chicken Nuggets, Hungarian Sausage, Tapa, Tocino, Bacon and Luncheon Meat.

The Agahan Platter is advisable for groups like us.  See how we mixed and matched our options into a unique combo? =p  Everyone was raving about their really tasty and meaty Ligaya's Tapa.  The Tocino is also pretty good.  I'm not really a fan of Tocino because it is usually too sweet for my taste.  But, Agahan's Tocino tasted fine with me. =)

Bread and Eggs
bacon mushroom omelette
Bacon and Mushroom 2-Egg Omelette (90 php)
bacon mushroom omelette
Bacon and Mushroom 2-Egg Omelette (90 php)
joan's special omelette
 Joanne's Special 2-egg Omellete (90 php)
Agahan offers three omelette options.  I only got to try the Bacon and Mushroom 2-Egg Omelette (90 php) which was okay.  But, my companions recommends the Joanne's Special 2-egg Omellete as the better choice.

Pancakes (3 pcs.) (75 php) (*the extra is complementary)
The serve cute Pancakes with different insect shapes like a dragon fly, butterfly, lady bug and spider.  The Pancakes comes with butter and maple syrup.  Agahan's Pancakes have the same texture as a waffle which I also like. =)

hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate (Tablea) (60 php)
The Hot Chocolate (Tablea) is a rich bitter-sweet dark chocolate. 

Hazelnut Brewed Coffee (unlimited) (50 php)
My dining mates enjoyed their Hazelnut Brewed Coffee.  It is unlimited for 50 php!  Could you believe that?  Hint... hint.. cheap Brewed Coffee and FREE WiFi.  Get the picture? =)

organic iced tea
 Organic Iced Tea (50 php)
I ordered the Organic Iced Tea.  It was pretty good!  It was refreshing to drink with its citrus accent.  It wasn't too sweet at all.  

cold milk
Cold Milk (50 php)
Everyone was happy with the Cold Milk.  It's one of the best drink to enjoy while eating your breakfast meal.  Don't you agree? =)

chocobanana brownie
 Choco Banana Brownie (35 php)
The Choco Banana Brownie is delicious!  It tasted dominantly of banana bread topped with chocolate fudge on top. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Agahan is a great place to hang out and chill.  It certainly offers a one of a kind atmosphere.  It's a breath of fresh air against the usual crowded coffee shops.  In fact we were having so much fun that if we didn't gaze outside through their glass window, we almost forgot that it was night time.  The unique feature of Agahan is that it's a family friendly venue too.  You could leave your kids to play some games while you work on your laptop and I'm sure they won't be bored there.  The food they offer is pretty good and quite affordable.  Both students and employees can drop by anytime at Agahan whenever they please.  If they can't, Agahan also delivers.  The service is excellent. 

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Agahan Menu
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Chicken Silog - 150 php
Breakfast Soup - 75 php
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G/F Buma Bldg. 1012 Metropolitan Ave., 
San Antonio Village, Makati
Business Hours 7am-10pm
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