Kafalig Coffee Shop and the Panorama Park View (Sabangan Mountain Province)

Along the highways of Sabangan Mountain Province is the Kafalig Coffee Shop and the Panorama Park View.  It is a two-storey bamboo hut.  On the ground floor is a store selling coffee and jams.  The Kafalig Coffee shop is located on the second floor where a few tables are set out.  It also has a small terrace where you can take a look at the panaromic view.  There are also maps posted on its walls.
kafalig coffee shoplagave blends
Their freshly brewed mountain coffee is sold at an affordable price of 20 php.  If ever you stop by in this place, you simply can't miss their coffee.  It is a fact that coffee beans grown in higher altitude are denser and finer.  This is one of the best local coffee we have ever tasted!

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Kafalig Coffee Shop
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Sabangan, Mountain Province
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