Bento & Snack in Adriatico Malate (Closed)

Malate has always been a tourist area filled with Asian Restaurants, Bars and Spas.  Because numerous establishments are located in the same area, competition is quite steep so new ones sprout and some closed down every once in a while.  One of the newly opened restaurant is "Bento & Snack".  It is a humble restaurant that is open for 24 hours for dine-in and delivery.  Images of the dishes it serves (mix of Japanese and Korean Cuisine) and its delivery number is displayed on its storefront.  There is also a takeout counter.
bento and snack

To our surprise, this small dining place is cozy, neat and has a lot of staffs.  All of them welcomed us as we came in and we were led to our seats.  We were handed a menu which is a identical copy of the menu plastered at their walls.  We were told that the owner is Korean so most of the dishes we ordered were Korean Cuisine.
Bibimbap (Mixed Meal) (250 php)
Bibimbap after mixing
A Bibimbap (Mixed meal) is a health dish composed of different ingredients with their own nutritional contribution.  There are many versions of Bibimbap as the the ingredients can be substituted depending on availability.
janma jorim
Ganma Jorim, Bean Sprout and Kimchi  
bento and snack
Stock Soup
It is customary for a Korean Restaurant to provide complimentary side dishes and stock soup.  The side dishes offered with the Bibimbap were  Ganma Jorim (potato with soy sauce), Bean Sprout and Kimchi (fermented cabbage).  Unfortunately, the soup was too salty.

kimchi stew
Kimchi Stew with Mackarel with side dishes
bento and snack
Kimchi Stew with Mackarel (200 php) 
The Kimchi Stew with Mackarel came with four side dishes: Ganma Jorim, Bean Sprout, Kimchi and Jeon (deep fried pancake-like dish with sliced vegetables).  As expected from a Kimchi stew or Kimchi Jigae, it was very spicy despite requesting for a milder version.  The Mackarel is not fresh but rather canned mackarel.
korean ramen
Korean Ramen (200 php)
A ramen being a Japanese noodle dish,  I had the expctation that the Korean Ramen is a Korean-Japanese Fusion Dish.  It was very spicy but I love spicy foods so I was able to enjoy it.  Aside from the spicy broth and noodles , it had slices of potato, bits of mushrooms, sliced onions and green leeks.

Kimbap (100 php)
Their version of Kimbap had luncheon meat in it.  It was okay because the salty luncheon meat was contrasted the yellow pickled raddish but I prefer the Kimbap with fresh ground meat.
spicy rice cakes
Spicy Rice Cakes (200 php)
The Spicy Rice Cakes or better known as Ddeokbokki in Korean had slices of fish cakes, sesame seeds and slices of carrots, raddish, green leeks and cabbage.  It was delicious.  The texture and softness of the Spicy Rice Cakes in its long tube shape is perfect.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal at an affordable Korean Cuisine pricing.  

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Bento & Snack Menu

Bento & Snack
Business Address
Beside 168 Adriatico
(Front of Starbucks)
Malate Manila
Business Hours
10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
Service ChargeNone