Gorio's Food House Restaurant at Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

Along the National Highway in the town of Solano in the Smoke-free Province of Nueva Vizcaya is Gorio's Food House Restaurant.   Gorio's Food House Restaurant is a large wooden cottage type restaurant with wooden picnic-type tables set up.  It was a typical canteen or "carinderia-type" eatery.  But, it offers local and native Filipino dishes.  Some are not typically available anywhere.
gorios nueva vizcaya

Although the Chopsuey originated from China, this dish has become a favorite dish among Filipinos.  Gordo's restaurant makes use of organic vegetabel ingredients so you can appreciate the fresh natural taste of vegetables.

Filipino Dishes

lechon kawali
Lechon Kawali
beef steak
Beef Steak
Their Filipino dishes such as the Pinakbet, Lechon KawaliBeef Steak and Menudo are good but nothing special.  Since it is a canteen type, the food are not freshly cook instead they are only reheated upon ordering. However, food are pretty decent given the price they offer.  

Rare Finds
adobong pato
Adobong Pato (Spanish for duck)
It was my first time to taste an Adobong Pato (Spanish for duck).  Gorio's serving was full of necks so I was not able to taste the meat that much.  It  was more like we ordered Adobong Pato skins.  It was okay.  This was served a bit cold already so it was not as delicious as it would have been if it was hot.    

dinuguang pato
Dinuguang Pato
Another first time for me is to try Dinuguang Pato.   Dinuguan is actually blood stew.  The typical ones I've tasted is Pork Dinuguan.  The  Dinuguang Pato is delicious!  It contained duck internal organs along with the blood stew.  It's worth a try.

We also tried the Pritong Pugo (fried quail).  It was not that good.  It tasted weird as if not cleaned well.

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Gorio's Food House Restaurant Menu
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Gorio's Food House Restaurant
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National Highway, corner Plaridel St. Barangay Quezon, Solano
Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Gorio's Food House