Sagada Lemon Pie House: The best lemon pies!

When visiting Sagada, be sure to stop by the yellow painted house with a signage "Sagada Lemon Pie House".   Established only in March 21, 2008, Sagada Lemon Pie House has rapidly gained its popularity through blogs and word of mouth.  
lemon pie house

lemon pie

lemon pie house
Upon entering, you could see their Lemon Pies and Blueberry Pies displayed on their pie shelves.  They have wooden tables set up with pillows and woven mats as seats.  The set-up reminds me of the Japanese style of dining. 
blueberry pie
Lemon Pie (25 php/ slice) (left) Blueberry Pie (35 php/slice) (right)
Lemon Pie
As the name implies, the Lemon Pies are the main and specialty product of Sagada Lemon Pie House.  Their Lemon Pies have a soft, light, and spongy sweet meringue layer contrasted by the mildly sour and tangy lemon curd that are sure to win your taste buds.  What's great about their Lemon Pie  is that the meringue is not too sweet and the lemon curd is not too sour making the experience light and refreshing that you just can't get enough of it.  The lemons they use are freshly picked and grown from the Sagada Mountains.  Their lemon pies can last for 5 days as you put them in the fridge or any cooler places out of direct sunlight so you can buy a Lemon Pie  pan for only 180 php and take it home to share it with you're family and friends.  To reheat them use a regular oven or an oven toaster and set to high heat for 3-4 minutes.  Microwave heating is not recommended.

Blueberry Pies
Blueberries are available in Sagada in the early summers so if you're in Sagada during the period, grab the chance to taste the Sagada Lemon Pie House version of Blueberry Pies.  Get to taste the fresh locally picked blueberries of Sagada with their Blueberry Pies.  Their blueberry pies are not only filled with fresh blueberries, there are also apple bits to add fragrance and sweetness.  Their Blueberry pies could last for one week so grab a Blueberry Pie pan for only 260 php and bring it home to share the joy with your peers and family.  
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Sagada Lemon Pie House
Business Address
Atey, Dao-Angan, Sagada
Business Hours
6 am-8pm
Service ChargeNone
(63) 907-7820360

Sagada Lemon Pie House Map *credits to Sagada Lemon Pie