ChickChat: Delicious Singaporean Fast Food (CLOSED)

A newly opened Singaporean Fast Food at SM Manila is Chickchat.  Unlike other fast food and restaurants that are found at the ground floor and basement of SM Manila, we were surprised to find Chickchat on the second floor right across SM Appliance center.  

UPDATE: This is now closed (as of June 2012)
chickchat sm manila
Chickchat SM Manila
chickchat sm manila

chickchat sm manilachickchat sm manila
Chickchat has a happy and colorful modernistic ambiance that makes you feel cozy and comfortable as you dine.  Friendly staffs greet you as your enter.  Upon ordering at their counter, staffs even suggest their recommended dishes.  As you glance on their menu, you'd be surprised at how affordable their dishes are.  Whether its chicken, pasta or salad, an entire meal is at most 150 php.  They're merienda meals are even cheaper.  A great selection for less than 50 php.
singaporean fastfood

cereal chicken
Cereal Chicken (1 pc.) (79 php)
If there's Singapore's famous Cereal Prawns, well there's also ChickChat's specialty Cereal Chicken.   A bite in their Cereal Chicken covered in crispy oatmeal unleashes the tender juicy chicken meat inside.  This comes with Hainanese Chicken Rice.   The rice is so delicious you can eat rice alone!  It had a fragrant taste of pandan and chicken broth.
spicy chicken paoger
Spicy Chicken Paoger 
The name Spicy Chicken Paoger made me wonder what paoger meant and then it hit me.  "Pao" means buns in Chinese and the "ger" must be a shortened word for burger.  So wrapped between the two buns, they are chicken tenders, onion rings, carrot and radish strings and lettuces.  Unlike the traditional burger that contains only mayonnaise, the Spicy Chicken Paoger is seasoned with curry sauce and mayonnaise.
Allthough Spicy Chicken Paoger is spicy but not too much so that you can appreciate all the flavors together.
spicy chicken paoger
Spicy Chicken Paoger w/ BBQ Fries (136 php)
The Spicy Chicken Paoger comes with BBQ Flossy Fries.  So how to make french fries Singaporean oriented?  Well, Chickchat defined their own version of BBQ french fries by adding meat floss.

singaporean chicken rice
Singaporean Chicken Rice (108 php)
Their Singaporean Chicken Rice is a must try!  The chicken is so tender and tasty, it is so deliciously addicting with or without sauce.  When coupled with their fragrant rice, you just can't stop eating more and more!  For its price, this is the best bang for the buck meal ever!
beef bolognese
Beef Bolognese (79 php)
Their Beef Bolognese is one of the best you can get from a fast food restaurant.  The taste similar to Pancake House Spaghetti but with its own unique twist.  

red green iced tea
Red Iced Tea (38 php) and Lemon Green Iced Tea (38 php)
Aside from the ordinary soft drinks, Chickchat offers Red Iced Tea and Lemon Green Iced Tea.  The Red Iced Tea are for those who prefer a sweet drink while the Lemon Green Iced Tea is light and refreshing.
honey baked wings
If you enjoy eating buffalo wings, then you'll love the Honey Baked Wings.  The fact that these wings are baked makes them healthier than fried buffalo wings and its less greasy too.  Its sweetened by honey that not only add flavor but makes it smell good too.

ube pandan sundae
Ube Pandan Sundae (30 php)
The Ube Pandan Sundae is a perfect combination of Ube and Pandan flavors.  What I love about this cold treat is that it's not too sweet so its light and refreshing to eat and enjoy. 
buko pomelo mango ice
Buko-Melo-Mango (65 php)
buko pomelo mango ice
The Buko-Melo-Mango is a rich blend of healthy ingredients such as coconut strips, pomelo strips, mango syrup and coconut milk.  Of course, all the toppings are mixed in shaved ice to make it iciliciously good!  

Overall, everything seems delicious in Chickchat.  Whatever order you decide, you're sure to be in good hands.  Chickchat is one of the best fast food restaurants around!  You should definitely try it.  It offers generous servings and quality food.

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Business Address
2nd floor of SM Manila, right across SM Appliance Center
Business Hours
(SM Manila Mall Hours)
Sun-Thurs 10 AM-9 PM
Fri-Sat 10 AM-10 PM 
Service ChargeNone