TenderBitesPh: Reliable Online Meat Shop with Free Delivery

We've really reached the hallmark of digital age as businesses are now utilizing technology to improve their efficiency and service.  We're so happy to discover that even Tender Bites PH which is a premium meat shop since 1990 has expanded its reach, beyond the conventional supermarkets, as ordering from can now be made through its website https://www.tenderbites.ph .


tender bites imported ribs
Tender Bites Imported Prime Rib

For a minimum of 2,000 php, you can shop online and have your orders in "any cut any request" delivered at your doorstep for free.

tender bites ph meat shop
Tender Bites Ph Meat Shop Purchases

The products can be delivered to you the same day or next day.   As you can see, the products are all accurately-labelled, neatly vacuum-sealed and with the same freshness as if you've purchased them from their supermarket branches: Unimart Greenhills, Unimart Capitol Commons, Makati Supermart Alabang Town Center, Cash & Carry Makati, The Marketplace Rockwell and The Landmark.


tender bites ph imported prime rib
Tender Bites Ph Imported Prime Ribs (3,039 php/kilo)

We actually found it easier to distinguish the cuts and quality of its variety of local (including its homegrown dry-aged beefs) and imported meats (including Authentic Japanese Wagyu, USDA Prime and Certified Angus Beef) through its website as compared to peeping through the supermarket freezers.  


Tender Bites Ph Imported Prime Ribs
Tender Bites Ph Imported Prime Ribs (3,039 php/kilo)

How does this Imported Premium Prime Rib look?  Based on the site photo, we were able to see the approximate thickness of this bone-in steak and had the impression that we could achieve a nice seared and medium center with it.  

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  Check out our Tiktok Video on how it was cooked.

Beef Burgers (599 php/kilo) and Chori Burger (799 php/kilo)
Beef Burgers (599 php/Kilo) and Chori Burgers (799 php/Kilo)
We've also encountered Facebook Ads showing TenderBites new Beef Burger  and Chori Burger so we just had to try them.   A kilo equates to around 8 thick, lean and juicy burger patties so its quite affordable.  
The Beef Burgers (599 php/kilo) had a perfect mix of lean and fat content so its tender, juicy and meaty. It's quite savory even though we only added light seasoning.  

The Chori Burgers (799 php/Kilo) garnered even more praise among us w/ its sweet, peppery and smokey oozing juiciness. According to its site, it's a blend of 99% lean ground pork and hardwood-smoked chorizo.


Overall, we're really impressed at how TenderBites ph has progressed towards providing a more convenient and satisfying service while maintaining the premium quality and personalized customizability of its meat products through its online ordering and free delivery.


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