Salakot Alfresco Dining and Café: Delicious Filipino Cusine in a Nipa Hut Village (Silang Cavite)

Cavite City, Cavite, Philippines

The efficient planning and design of Salakot Alfresco Dining and Café as a nipa hut village, with more than adequate physical distance between the well-designed and architectured small, big and two-storey huts surrounded by beautiful flowers and greeneries that naturally promotes air circulation and coolness, is what makes it the ideal pandemic dining venue near Metro Manila. 


salakot filipino cuisine


Aside from the wide and spacious walk-ways, its also has sufficient parking spaces and waiting areas to accommodate a long queue.


Salakot Main Hall

There is a concrete hall, which is equipped with a stage and multiple dining tables, that can cater to a large number of guests in case of special events and occasion.


Salakot stage

While waiting for an available hut, we took our chance to take our photos by this beautiful stage and backdrop.


Salakot Café

Salakot Café
Salakot Café has a dedicated space near the parking for those who prefer to have their coffee on the go.

The drinks served in the café is also available for diners as well. 
Salakot Al-fresco Kubo-style Dining

salakot two-storey huts
The huts come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes which makes them capable of entertaining diners of various numbers.  

Salakot ambiance
It also almost assures that returning diners will have a different hut ambiance to enjoy.

tree with salakot decorsnipa hut with two floors
It also lives up to its name as Salakot hats (yes, not huts 😆)  - the Philippine traditional lightweight cone-shaped headgear, are placed as decors for diners to take notice of.

biggest nipa hut
This seems to be the biggest hut amongst them all. 

But, this is my personal favorite part of the place...

though the bonfire area might convince me otherwise once I see how it is during the night.
salakot hut

We were a assigned to the hut opposite of the cafe.  The servers responsible to serve our hut was a cheery and courteous couple whose excellent service made our dining experience exceptionally memorable. 




Tawilis Frito
Tawilis Frito (160 php)

The Tawilis Frito is adequately battered to deliver a delicate crisp followed by the tender and lightly salted fish meat.  In sum, the entire tawilis was simply too irresistible not to munch on. 



Bulalo (615 php)

Salakot's Bulalo is evidently made from fresh and top-quality (probably Batangas-sourced) beef and vegetables.


bulalo soup in cavite
Bulalo (615 php)

In fact, it is one of the best bulalo we've had.  


Fresh Catch

shrimp kare kare
Shrimp Kare-Kare (470 php)
Just look at the huge shrimps and generous portion of this Shrimp Kare-Kare served in a pot. If that doesn't give you a delight upon seeing this, then a taste of its creamy and peanuty flavor will.

fried boneless bangus
Fried Boneless Bangus (440 php)

As you can see, the Fried Boneless Bangus was well-marinated, precisely-fried, peppered and spiced.  Needless to mention, the size justifies the price.


talong with gata
Talong w/ Gata (205 php)
This is the first time we've tried eggplant cooked in coconut milk like this Talong w/ Gata.  We absolutely loved the fragrance, creaminess and rich garlicky flavor of this dish!  Will definitely order this again!

java rice
Java Rice (225 php)
Of course, a meal is incomplete without rice so we ordered the Java Rice, which was not as remarkable as the viands but it is still a viable alternative to the plain rice for an extra cost. 
Buko Juice (85 php)

Even though the beverage list, in addition to those served in its cafe, was rather expansive, we're all ordered the Buko Juice, which was filled with naturally sweet buko juice and tender young coconut meat.  Since we have yet to chance upon a buko like this in Manila, we're quite satisfied with our choice.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict

No doubt, with consistent its delicious Filipino dishes, professional service crew and well-managed hygienic atmosphere, Salakot Alfresco Dining and Café will emerge as one of the top dining coffee and dining destination in Cavite.  

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Salakot Alfresco Dining and Café
Business Address KM 47 Lalaan 1st Silang, Cavite
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-800
Free WiFi No
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