J. Park Garden Restaurant: Quality Unlimited Samgyupsal and More (Malate Manila)

J. Park Garden Restaurant has recently opened at Jose P. Laurel Foundation Building.  We've been passing by the area for decades but never had we imagined that the place could be so beautiful and lively. 

jpark garden restaurant  

J. Park is a 24-hour spacious two-story restaurant fully surrounded by glass panes.  It's greens and classy interiors is like a paradise inviting every passer by. 

j park garden restaurant
A step inside will even offer an overwhelming comfort with its clean, fragrant and cool vibe.  Aside from the casual dining area on the first and second floor, the second room also provides more privacy with individual rooms by the back hallway. 

While J. Park offers unlimited Samyupsal for only 500 php (minimum of two [2] persons), we opted to order ala carte because the menu had a lot more to offer. 

Pajeori (파절이)
The Pajeori (파절이) literally means seasoned green onion in Korean.  This is a basic Korean barbecue companion especially for marinated meat. 

All the ban chan (also known as side dishes) it served on our table was gloried in terms of ingredients and portions.   As you can see some of the ban chan are served in big bowls too.  And, if its not enough, the servers are happy to replenish them upon our requests too.

special wagyu beef rib eye
Special Wagyu Beef (Rib-Eye) (2800 php)
As indicated in its menu, all meats used by J. Park are Monterey Meat.  As you can see, the Special Wagyu Beef (Rib-Eye) is as promised.  Of course, this is so delicious when grilled perfectly!

kkot galbisal
Kkot Galbisal (Grilled Beef Prime Ribs) (1,600 php)
With delicious beef variants like the Kkot Galbisal (Grilled Beef Prime Ribs), you would agree that opting more than Samgyupsal is the best way right?

Samgyeopsal (Fresh Pork Belly) (400 php)
But if indeed you want to get the best out of your money, they avail of their limited offer for Umlimited Samgyeopsal at 500 php.  Being we ordered the Samgyeopsal as ala carte at 400 php!  Imagine, just add 100 php more per person and you can eat your heart out!


Unfortunately, you can only cook either grill or hotpot in a single table.  We were lucky to dine in a big group so we were able to get some dishes from the nearby tables.  Both the grills and the Bulgogi we had were delicious and price-worthy. 

kimchi jjigaess
Kimchi Jjige (Kimchi Stew) (400 php)
Aside from dishes that you can cook on the table, we ordered other stews and soups too. For spicy lovers, the Kimchi Jjige will give you the spicy tinge in the taste buds that you yearn for and the delightfully hot soup will give you that warm massage in every sip. 

dwenjiang jjigae
Dwenjiang Jjigae (Soybean Stew) (400 php)
The Kimchi Jjige and Dwenjiang Jjigae are both stews.  The Kimchi Jjige is dominated by the flavor of kimchi.  While the Dwenjiang Jjigae is dominated by soybean flavor.

galbi tang
Galbi Tang (600 php)
Who needs a chicken soup for the soul when you can have a healthy and comforting serving of Galbi Tan?  The pork ribs slowly falls of the bone as it simmers in the hot bowl.  Parts of it are melting and mixing into the mild tasting soup which is slightly sweetened by the juju berries.  

Side Dishes
Japchae (500 php)
It was a hard choice between the Japchae and the Janchi-guksu for our noodle dish.  Here in Manila the Japchae is more common and popular so it was what we chose.  However, in Korea, the Janchi-guksu is what they have in every occasion. The word "janchi" literally means banquet or feast in Korean.  While "guksu" simply means noodles in Korean.

j park garden restaurant
What we appreciate with Korean restaurants is that the management is very hands on.  You can see that the Korean owners and managers are the ones doing the hard labor as well.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Overall, J. Park Garden Restaurant is the hippest and grandest 24-hour Korean restaurant in Manila.  This is highly recommend for all types of diners.  Given the beautiful and luxurious appeal, the pricing is quite affordable too.  For private rooms and big groups, it is better to reserve since the place is usually crowded during peak hours.  You can contact them via mobile or Facebook.

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J. Park Garden Restaurant
Business Address Jose P. Laurel Foundation Building. Pedro Gil Corner M.H del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-7am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-2,800
Free WiFi No
Contact (0936) 785-3625

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