Fiery Style: 10th Branch Now Open in Eton Centris (Quezon Avenue Diliman QC)

Eton Centris is one of the food hubs within my work perimeter.  Of course, I am so delighted to discover that Fiery Style has recently opened its 11th branch at Eton Centris Walk.

fiery style eton centris
It is located just beside Family Mart.

fiery style eton centris
I've tried almost all the food establishments in the vicinity and Ihave to say that this offers the cosiest vibe yet.  During weekends, it even has a live band.  

Being a Tex-Mex food lover, I really believe that we can never have enough Mexican food joints.

fiery nachosfiery nachos
Since I'm a first timer with Fiery Style, I was really impressed with its food presentation.  The Fiery Nachos was not only delectable, I also enjoyed the show with the flip of the tin.

fiery nachos
Fiery Nachos (388 php)
Just look at the Fiery Nachos with the complete works!  Go ahead indulge!

flaming taco good salad
Flaming Taco Good Salad (258 php)
The Flaming Taco Good Salad also looked interesting.  But, in terms of flavors and ingredients, I think there are better options in the menu.

8 Fiery Sizzling Combinationes
grilled fiery porkchop
3 Grilled Fiery Porkchop (238 php)
My companions and I decided to go for the bang-for-the-buck combinationes.  I really appreciate that each one has a unique side dish to complement the main dish.  I found the sliced tomatoes and garlic drenched in mango puree of this one to be appetizing.  You can also select the type of rice: (1) Beef Rice - a bit spicy which I liked (2) Chorizo Rice (3) Plain Rice.

barbecued beef ribs
4 Barbecued Beef Ribs (248 php)
I highly recommend the Barbecued Beef Ribs with cajun fries and grilled corn.  I love the challenge of getting the tender beef meat of the bones and chewing on the slightly gummy yet soft tendon. 

grilled bbq pork ribs
5 Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs (258 php)
The best one I've tried is the Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs.  The portion offers the satisying tender yet chunkiness of the pork meat.  It also has the right amount of fats to deliver the flavorsome pork juice. 

sizzling tender beef salpicao
6 Sizzling Tender Beef Salpicao (268 php)
Instead of going for the steak, you can go for the fragrant Sizzling Tender Beef Salpicao.  The Baked Bone Marrow is an umami booster that will heighten the experience even more.

lord of the wings
Lord of the Wings (1,198 php)
This is my first time to encounter a Tex-Mex that offers chicken wings.  What a good innovation.  You can order the Lord of the Wings for sharing so you can sample 3 different variants: (1) Hot Hot Hot Sauce & Jalapenos, (2) Nacho Cheese & Bacon and (3) Texan-style BBQ.

galleon of bones
Galleon of Bones (1,578 php)
If you're coming in as a group, you can opt for the Galleon of Bones.   It doesn't offer much rice as it is only a side dish option along with the Soutwest Chips but you have (1) BBQ Pork Ribs, (2) Chicken Wings (3) Meaty Pork Hammers (4) Beef Ribs

Fiery Paloma
green mandarin paloma
Green Mandarin Paloma (168 php)
This is also my first time to try a paloma with the Green Mandarin Paloma.  I think I found my favorite spiced drink!

Southwest Margarita

Overall, it was a fun night indeed at Fiery Style Eton Centris.

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