Saverde Coffee Shop: Bataan's Leading Homegrown Coffee Shop (Abucay Bataan)

While the international chain of Starbucks is dominating most towns in the Philippines, I'm happy to find out that Bataan begs to differ.  Both tourists and locals visit Saverde Coffee Shop.

saverde coffee shop

Saverde is not located on a famous mall or at a main stream corner lot.  In fact, it is found in a conspicuous alley. 

saverde abucay bataan
Yet, it is full even on a typical weekday.

saverde abucay bataan
It may not look much from the outside, but you'll find it cozy once you step in.

saverde coffee shop abucay
Saverde has a lot of options from food to drinks.  I noticed most customers already know what to order so they could probably tell that we were tourists as we took a lot of time in deciding what to order.  What shocked us was the unbelievably cheap pricing!

saverde coffee shop
If you're a fan of nighttime al fresco, don't you agree this is a decent spot?  It's not as popular as the air-conditioned areas though.

saverde bataan
Saverde also has this pink hue function room.

buttermilk toast
Buttermilk Toast (20 php)
When I first saw this, what I thought was.  Why don't they raise the price?  Are they even earning?  If I ordered a toast like this in any cafe in Manila it would surely be over a 100 php.  Believe me this
Buttermilk Toast is as good as it looks!  I am so willing to pay much more for it.  

beef tapa
Beef Tapa (75 php)
My favorite Filipino breakfast is actually Tapa.  I have a narrow preference when it comes to tapa.  Believe it or not, I am one of the few who did not fall in love with the tapa of famous Tapa chains like Tapa King and Rufo's.  But, I loved Saverde's Beef Tapa.  It looks so gourmet yet check out the price and you'll surely be surprised!

chicken in a basket
Chicken in a Basket (130 php)
The Chicken in a Basket is a great dish to order for sharing.  Because of the cozy ambiance, I'm sure you and you're companions would want to stay a bit longer.  You can munch on this to enjoy your stay even more.

Ice Blends
ice cafe latte
Iced Cafe Latte (60 php)
This is by far the cheapest coffee drink I have ever encountered!  I found it to be a bit sweet for my taste because I'm a black coffee drinker but my companions loved this!  Plus points for presentation too right?

mango burst
Mango Burst (60 php)
For a hot summer day, I can't help but be pleased by the refreshing Saverde  Mango Burst upon first sip!  I truly enjoyed this that I would order this over coffee drinks. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Saverde Coffee Shop reminds us that there are so many homegrown industries out there that deserve to be discovered! When visiting Bataan, check out Saverde Coffee Shop - Bataan's Leading Homegrown Coffee Shop in Abucay, Bataan.

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Ambiance Espresso | Ice Blends | Food
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Business Address Gabon Street, 2114 Abucay, Bataan
Business Hours 3pm-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 501-0000
Other  Email: Website
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