Hui Lau Shan 许留山: Hongkong's Famous Mango Dessert is Now in Manila (SM Megamall)

If you've been to Hongkong, I'm certain you've encountered Hui Lau Shan 许留山!  It's so famous that you'll find in almost everywhere especially the busy districts. 

Hui Lau Shan  许留山 manila

I was lucky to be invited for a sneak peek prior to its opening.  I'm sharing here what I had then.  I'm aiming to go back soon to try more!!!


Handmade Mango Desserts
mango romance
Mango Romance (170 php)

The Mango Romance is Hui Lau Shan's world-famous set because as you can see, it seems like an ideal sampler to order.   You get three desserts in one plate: (1) Mango Chewy Ball (2) Mango Crystal Jelly (3) Mango Mochi.  All of them are equally good!  I noticed the pricing here is cheaper than in Hongkong perhaps because their mangoes are sourced here in the Philippines.  Lucky us!!!

Handmade Snacks
mango mochi
Mango Mochi (90 php/3 pcs)
While we do have some Chinese restaurants here offering the Mango Mochi, I dare say that it is not at par with Hui Lau Shan's Mango Mochi.  The soft and chewy texture of the mochi with the sweet and tangy mango cube filling will surely delight you.

mango pancake
Mango Pancake (140 php)

The first time I've tried a Mango Pancake was in HK 88 Dessert in 999 Shopping Mall Food Court back in 2012.  Unfortunately, it closed down and I haven't had one since.  While I loved the Mango Pancake upon first try, I never thought that it could be as good as how Hui Lau Shan made it out to be.   The pancake had such a light and velvety texture that was well-complimented by the light and fluffy cream-filling and refreshingly sweet and tangy mango.


Mango & Coconut 
mango coconut juice red bean
Mango & Coconut Juice with Red Bean (110 php/18 oz)

When it comes to coconut juice desserts, I can only think of Buko Bar and Haokang Hongkong Desserts who offer the same.  While I am also still a fan of Hao Kang, I would say that this Mango & Coconut Juice with Red Bean is just as good.  Both of them offer them at subtle sweetness.  I think some would prefer this to be sweeter though.

Hui Lau Shan  许留山 philippines

My companions had these... I will try these out soon!

Hui Lau Shan  许留山 megamall
Hui Lau Shan 许留山 also offers desserts as take away!  I will buy some of these on my next visit for the family!

Welcome to the Philippines Hui Lau Shan 许留山!  I hope you can be consistent with the sweetness and pricing cause I will surely keep coming back for more!

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