Lemuria: Metro Manila's Most Romantic Restaurant finds a home in the South in Arya Plaza, BGC


The name whirls me away to a romantic chateau surrounded by lush evergreen in Horseshoe Village, Quezon City. There are many important occasions celebrated in this space—anniversaries and birthdays just to name a few—owing to the restaurant’s private and intimate dining experience. News of a second branch in BGC immediately piqued my curiosity; how would Lemuria translate the exclusivity and intimacy of its restaurant in its new metropolitan neighborhood?
lemuria arya plaza

The new branch, surrounded by concrete and glass panels, is worlds away from the original outlet and yet still manages to exude the charm and warmth of the original. The proprietress, Mrs. Marina Schroeder, likens the new branch to a country home and fills the space with her personal touches to achieve that same feeling you get from the Quezon City branch—a place you go to for something special (by the way, the restaurant strictly enforces a dress code for any patron: men must come in collared shirts, and strictly no one is allowed in wearing slippers!)

lemuria arya plaza
For this meal, we were presented with a tantalizing menu of Lemuria classics.

french baguette walnut loaf
As an appetizer to the entire dining experience, we were given their home-made breads which are freshly prepared in-store using hand-churned butter. Among their selection are French BaguetteWalnut Loaf made with walnut, honey and molasses, and Foccaccia with sundried tomato. These are complimentary and served along any meal purchased :)

foie gras trio
Foie Gras Trio (1,150 php)
First, we were served Pan-Seared Foie Gras, just one of the three ways Lemuria prepares Foie Gras offered in their Foie Gras TrioLemuria prides itself in using only ethically fattened ducks and pairs this with a sweet and sour Balsamic Reduction and a refreshing watermelon to cut through the buttery fat. Absolute melt in your mouth goodness.

braised lamb and apricot galette
Braised Lamb & Apricot Galette |(365 php)
Next came a sample of their Braised Lamb & Apricot Galette. Soft and tender lamb tinged with just a hint of sweetness coming from the apricot and shallots made for a clean and light end to the appetizer and a great way to begin the next half of the spread—the main course.

Seabass (1,260 php)
After a quick round of red wine, out came the Seabass atop a bed of mushroom risotto. The Seabass was absolutely fresh with meat so tender and just the right balance of flavors. The risotto accompanying provided a needed creaminess though with a mushroom flavor just a bit too light for my preference.

duck leg confit with cassoulet
Duck Leg Confit w/ Cassoulet  (1,310 php)
Following seafood was fowl and we were served a sample of their Duck Leg Confit w/ Cassoulet. We were told that the duck had been brined for 2-3 days prior to preparation and that the cassoulet that accompanied the duck took years to perfect--perfection defined as getting the beans to achieve a texture in between mushy and al dente.

beef bourguignon
Beef Bourguignon (940 php)
Finishing up the main course was a serving of their Beef Bourguignon. As with all flavorful meats, this was braised and marinated for 2-3 days; Lemuria braises theirs in red wine reduction and slow cooks it for a full 8 hours. The effort is very evident with a beef that is absolutely melt in your mouth and flavorful, further complemented by the sweetness that comes with a side of shallots. This was my favorite dish for the evening.

lemuria cheesecake
Lemuria Cheesecake (294 php)
A sweet ending to a perfect meal, the meal ended with a dessert bearing the restaurant’s own name, the Lemuria Cheesecake. Arguably very popular, this is not just like any other cheesecake. Lemuria uses a combination of Carabao’s Milk, Goat’s Cheese, and Dulce de Leche to achieve a distinct and original cheesecake flavor that is full, creamy with a harmonious blend of dairy. Topped with their homemade strawberry compote and this dessert was just the perfect way to end the night.

About Contributing Author:  Hilary Hao 
Hilary is a foodie, photographer and aspiring food blogger.  She and the main author of Tsinoy Foodies were classmates on a short food photography workshop three years ago.
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Business Address The Plaza, Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City
Business Hours Lunch: 11am-2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 1,000-1,500
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 404-8704 | (02) 541-1723
Other  Email: bgc@lemuria.com.ph; Website: www.lemuria.com.ph; Instagram: @lemuriabgc
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