Butamaru Ortigas: Alabang's Famous Ramen is now in Ortigas Home Depot (Pasig City)

The family rarely goes to the South so our wish list is barely accomplished.  Butamaru has long been on our list so imagine my excitement when I heard it has opened at Ortigas Home Depot.

butamaru ortigas home depot
I truly admire Butamaru for making its way from the South to North.  It gives us the chance to try their 16-hour tonkotsu broth and their special noodles.  I heard they learned the art of making noodles from Master Artisan Sugimura-san of Menko Noodle Company in Oita, Japan who had 40 years of experience as a noodle supplier for ramen shops.

butamaru ortigas home depot
Since I haven't been to their Alabang branch, I wouldn't dare to compare.  All I know is they have spacious dining area especially on the second floor.  And, they have bar on both floors as they wish to implement an izakaya concept to cater to Ortigas' night life loving people.  They are open until 1 am!

Curry Gyoza (150 php)
The Curry Gyoza is a must as a starter!  With or without dip, this is good!

I think what makes their gyoza really good is that they make them fresh upon order.  I got to try making some but my work isn't as masterful as their staffs.  I have to admit that the experience made me appreciate a gyoza more.

Katsu Gyozayaki (160 php)
This is my first time to try something like a Katsu Gyozayaki.  It's a hybrid between a gyoza and a katsu.  I still prefer the gyoza but I could have this instead of a katsu.

Buta Bara (120 php/2 sticks)
Buta Bara which is pork belly skewers is another well-executed dish.  You can tell by the looks that it is succulent and soft right?

curry tantanmen
Curry Tantanmen (370 php)
You can choose mild or spicy for the Curry Tantanmen.  I chose mild because I wanted to taste the flavor of their curry.  I wasn't impressed with it.  I kind of regret not having tried their 16-hour tonkotsu broth because I chose this.  But, it is true that their noodles are indeed good!

Kaisen (380 php)
On the other hand, the Kaisen or seafood which rich taste of bonito and other ingredients mixed in.  I find this reasonable because of the huge tiger prawn served on top.  It tastes sweet and fresh.

ajitsuke tamago
Ajitsuke Tamago (50 php)
If possible I always order the Ajitsuke Tamago to test the cooking skills of the chefs.  I would have to say that Butamaru's chef passed with flying colors!  This is the best Ajitsuke Tamago I've tried yet.  Ah the gelatinuous egg white and the wet, slightly grainy and mushy yellow egg yolk is to die for.

Chashu (150 php)
And since my order didn't have any Chashu or roast pork, I ordered one as an extra.  You can tell just by the nice greasy look at it has the nice amount of fats that melts as soon as you put it on your mouth.  And, the char and sesame brings a soothing fragrant flavor that complements the rich pork and fat goodness.

I can't have a verdict for this yet until I try their Tonkotsu based broths.

Butamaru Ortigas
Business Address Ortigas Technopoint One (Upper Deck Building), Ortigas Home Depot, 1 Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-1am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-650
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 635-9246
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