Restaurante Pia Y Damaso: Revisiting for a Subversive Filipino Lunch (Greenbelt Makati)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

It been a long time since I last dined at Restaurante Pia Y Damaso.

restaurante pia y damaso
It still has the same wonderful vibe as I remembered.


crisp cones with crab corn tomatoes
Crisp Cones with Crab, Corn, Tomato Relish (220 php)
The Crisp Cones with Crab, Corn, Tomato Relish is an interesting starter.  This reminds me of a taco because of the fried crispy shell.  But, instead of having something meaty or savory, this is quite the contrary as it is light and refreshing.  The sauteed crab meat is sweet.  It is well-complemented by the corn, onions, tomato, cucumber, cumin, cinnamon, parsley and lemon juice.

chinese lumpia salad
Chinese Lumpia Salad (275 php)
Being familiar with the Chinese Lumpia, it looked close to my expectation.  But, the Chinese Lumpia Salad is a very good rendition.  It was very fragrant and the play of textures made it quite interesting.

Soups & Stews
lang lang
Lang Lang (325 php)
The Lang Lang is my kind of noodle soup.  This is so hearty with shredded chicken, ham, stitake mushroom, woodear mushrooms, pancit molo, lomi and sotangon noodles.

croque quezo spinach
Croque Quezo & Spinach (250 php)
The Croque Quezo & Spinach is sure to impress with it's key ingredient: Malagos' goat mozarella. 
kua pao pan de sal
Kua Pao Pan De Sal (250 php)
I've tried the Kua Pao Pan De Sal before.  And, boy am I glad to have it again.

Tuna Egg (Bihod) With Tapenade Seared Blue Marlin & Fresh Tomatoes (360 php)
The Tuna Egg (Bihod) With Tapenade Seared Blue Marlin & Fresh Tomatoes is a delectable Filipino take of a pasta dish.  It has caramelized onions, garlic, tuna egg roe, black olives, sardines, tomatoes, olive oil and seared blue marlin chunks.

sisig ni cabesang tales
Sisig ni Cabesang Tales (300 php)
I liked the Sisig ni Cabesang Tales because it wasn't as oily and fatty as the other sisig I've tried.

Beef & Game
smoked tapang usa
Smoked Tapang Usa (450 php)
I love tapa and exotic variants like Smoked Tapang Usa excites me. 

smoked bbq mango pork
Smoked BBQ Mango Pork (500 php)
The Smoked BBQ Mango Pork is so beautiful.  And, the smoked barbecue and mango marmalade is a great combination.

crispy pata
♥  Crispy Boneless Pork (350 php)
Who doesn't want a version of crispy pata that's without the bones and easy to eat like the Crispy Boneless Pork?  These crunchy pork cubes were gone in a flash!


tubig ni maria clara
Tubig ni Maria Clara (300 php)
Because we're in a tropical country, the Tubig ni Maria Clara is fresh cucumber juice, ginger and citrus water.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Restaurante Pia Y Damaso has not lost its touch.  It's definitely one of the best Filipino restaurants in the area.

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Restaurante Pia Y Damaso
Business Address Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, 
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-1,000
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 729-5511 | 502-0106
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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