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Cafe Via Mare has already engraved its heirloom Filipino dishes into our Filipino hearts and spirit.  What I love about Via Mare is that it serves consistently good Filipino dishes for everyone including Pope John Paul II, First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos and her distinguished guests as well as you and me.  

cafe via mare

Now, as Via Mare celebrates it 40th birthday,    I have been invited to a luncheonette to share with you some of its best sellers.  Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner, Via Mare has offerings that is sure to satisfy your cravings.


Mainit na Sabaw
pancit molo
Pancit Molo (195 php)
The Pancit Molo is a big bowl good for 2-3.  It is a heart and soulful soup with stuffed noodles filled with shrimp, chicken and pork.  To add more savory goodness, there are also smokey bacon strips.

sinigang na karne
Sinigang na Karne (365 php)
The Sinigang na Karne is our classic favorite tamarind based soup with a huge chunk of oh-so-soft cured beef.  There are also veggies to add the delightful sweet flavors and a boost of vitamins.

Sari-Saring Kanin
calcag rice
Calcag Rice (155 php)
The Calcag Rice is guaranteed to awaken all your taste sensors with the explosive umami essence from the sun-dried shrimps, bagoong and scrambled eggs.  This is great with any viand.

tuyo fried rice
Tuyo Fried Rice (155 php)
The Tuyo Fried Rice is so good that rice alone will satisfy you. The rich salty goodness is so good that it will make you eat more!

Fiesta (195 php)
As the name implies, the Fiesta is a staple of extravagance.  Yes! It has loads of adobo bits, salted egg cubes and diced tomatoes so it is already a humble meal by itself.

Masagang Tanghalian
rellenong bangus
Rellenong Bangus (560 php)
The Rellenong Bangus is stuffed milk fish.  This is gloried by the savory and sweet tomato and onion sauce.

pinais na alimasag
Pinais na Alimasag (380 php)
The Pinais na Alimasag is a crabmeat and coco meat omelet served presentably in a blue crab shell.  The x factor of this dish is tbe coconut cream that gives it a mellifluous, fragrant and creamy consistency.  It is served with the bagoong balayan rice that's wrapped in banana leaf.

inasal na manok
Inasal na Manok (195 php)
An order of the Inasal na Manok comes with 4 skewers.  The garlic-annato roast chicken is so bold that it really lingers in your mouth.  The atchara is a great complement that refreshes the palette. 

beef kaldereta
Beef Kaldereta (470 php)
The Beef Kaldereta has a distinct thick and flavorful tomato sauce that makes you want to splurge all over your rice.  The beef cube is tender and easy to chew.  I appreciate every element of this dish even the olives, bell peppers and onions. 

arroz ala cubana
Arroz Ala Cubana (285 php)
The Arroz Ala Cubana is ground beef cooked in sofrito with raisins and snow peas.  It is served with fried egg and plaintain.
crispy binagoongan
Crispy Binagoongan (325 php)
The Crispy Binagoongan is a popular favorite.  The crispy pork bellies are sensationally crunchy so surely you'll go crunching away till the last bit.

Ensalada at Gulay
ensaladang pako
Ensaladang Pako (220 php)
My personal healthy favorite is the Ensaladang Pako.  The bunches of crisp fern leaves together with the salted egg and tomatoes plus the vinaigrette is a winner!

Sari-saring kakanin
guinatang halo halo
Guinataang Halo-Halo (98 php) *sampler size
The Guinataang Halo-Halo is a coconut cream dessert soup tinted with the color of its main ingredient: purple yam, taro and sweet potato.  To add the mellow sweetness that we love, there's plaintain banana and jackfruit slices.  And, I'm glad there's my favorite chewy rice dumpling ball too.

Palitaw (55 php) *sampler size

The Palitaw is poached rice patties with grated coconut and toasted sesame seeds.  This is my type of chewy snack. 

Grilled Pan De Sal

laguna cheese pandesal chocolate
Laguna Cheese (155 php) and Spanish Style Chocolate (85 php)
The Laguna Cheese is grilled pan de sal served hot off the grill and filled with Laguna's farmer-style white cheese.

I like to pair my
Laguna Cheese with the Spanish Style Chocolate.  This pair brings a delightful comfort to my soul. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cafe Via Mare time-tested prestige can tell more than we could.  So what's your favorite?

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