Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food (Formerly Zapata's): Cold Beer and Great Margaritas in Angeles Pampanga

I have no idea how going to Pampanga to eat came about.  But, I just went along as I'm family are very supportive of whatever family activity.  It's probably because my mom taught us to spend time together as much as we can before we' have our own family soon.  The next question is... How did we end up at Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food?

iguanas authentic mexican food
All we know is that we're going to somewhere in Pampanga so we typed Nepo Mall on Waze and followed avoided all red lanes as much as possible.  A friend who lives in Pampanga suggested that we take the Fil-Am friendship Highway where we could find lots of open Korean establishments.  Since we didn't feel like eating Korean, we drove straight from until we saw Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food and decided we want to try it.  We had no idea if it was open or closed so I volunteered to go down the car to take a peak.

iguanas authentic mexican food
Turns out they are indeed open even on holidays except Mondays.  We were immediately impressed with the interiors.  We had a lot of photo moments especially with the fake cactus and Mexican hats that they offer for free.  Most diners were foreigners and we seemed to be the only group taking photos.

iguanas authentic mexican food
Everything was widely decorated even the ceiling.  We were informed that they used to be Zapata's and had just moved from their old place.

iguanas authentic mexican food
There's also a bar area.

tortilla soup
Tortilla Soup (90 php)
I wanted something warm to fill my stomach so I ordered the Tortilla Soup.  It had tortilla and bell peppers.  It was an utter disappointment as it tasted like salt water.  It just made me miss the tortilla soup from Chihuahua Mexican Grill which is so good.

Main Course
chili zapata
Chili Zapata (240 php)
The Chili Zapata is Iguana's award-winning beef in chili served with fresh flour tortillas, barracho bans and mexi-rice.  This is my kind of meal. It was deliciously spicy!
Fajitas (345 php)

We chose chicken meat for our Fajitas.  We were served a sizzling plateful of chicken strips, mexi-rice and grilled sliced bell peppers and onions.  We enjoyed the experience of rolling it out on our own.

tortillas salsa sour cream
Tortillas, Salsa and Sour Cream
It was also served with Tortillas, Salsa and Sour Cream.  I really enjoyed their fresh Tortillas but I prefer Orale's slightly thicker version more because I like them a bit chewy.

combination plate
Combination Plate: Cheese and Bean Burrito and Beef Enchiladas (240 php)
Since we're first timers and want to try as much as we can, we had the Combination Plate: Cheese and Bean Burrito and Beef Enchiladas served with baraccho beans and mexi-rice like our other orders.  The Cheese and Bean Burrito looks flat but it was actually fulfilling because of the bean and cheese combo.  I liked the Beef Enchiladas more though.

mayan bean soup
Mayan Bean Soup
It also comes with a bowl of Mayan Bean SoupThis is so good!  I regret ordering the sad Tortilla Soup over it.


rum rita
Rumrita (90 php)
My little sister ordered a frozen Rumrita and seemed to enjoy it. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food is a great place to enjoy Mexican dishes with good company.  We had so much fun with the lively place.  The food quality is also good especially for the affordable price.  The staffs are very nice and friendly so we left a handsome tip because they don't have service charge.

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Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food
Business Address 50 Don Meliton (Perimeter RD), Don Juico Ave,  
Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Business Hours 11am-10pm
Open Even on Holidays But Closed on Mondays
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge None
Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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