Ramen Sora: Sapporo's Miso Ramen Now in the Philippines (Court Meridian Hotel Subic Zambales)

Subic, Zambales, Philippines

Ramen Sora is born in Hokkaio Sapporo Japan in 2003.  After establishing it's first oversees branch in Las Vegas Nevada USA that garnered a huge following as shown by its high rating in tripadvisor.com, it has now opened in Waterfront Avenue in Subic.

ramen sora
When asked why owner Tomio Takeda decided to partner with Prime Pacific Grill Inc. (operator of Gerry's Grill, Kusina ng Gerry's, Aresi and Sweet Chili), he said that deciding to open here is more than just a business it's about passion.  He wants people here to try and love his ramen.  With the tag line "No Ramen No Life", Ramen Sora puts their heart and soul into preparing the dishes to make their customers happy. 

ramen sora

Coming from one of the coldest parts of Japan, Ramen Sora's interiors offers the feeling of warmth and comfort.  You can just imagine how the locals of Sapporo feels as they find refuge from the ice and snow into this wooden shack with a simple bar and casual dining set up.

ramen sora
Since they are still on dry run, Chef Yoshi Ishise oversees the cooking process himself.  He says that the staff's here are very skillful and easy to train.

ramen sora
Miso Ramen Regular (325 php)
Sapporo is the birth place of the miso ramen.  Thus, it is only natural that Ramen Sora's house specialty is the Miso Ramen which differentiates it from most ramen houses here which specializes in Tonkotsu or Hakata RamenThe secret to Ramen Sora's Miso Ramen is that they mix the miso with 10 other spices and let it sit in oil.  One sip and you can feel the richness and amazing texture of the miso.

miso ramen deluxe
Miso Ramen Deluxe (325 php + 80 php)
If you want more toppings, you can upgrade any ramen variant to deluxe for an additional of 80 php.  By upgrading to deluxe, you get 3 pieces of Chashu (black pork) instead of 1, additional Nori (grilled seaweed) and Menma (bamboo shoot).

I highly suggest going for an upgrade to deluxe because their chashu is simply the best one I've tried yet so you'll want more of it!  The chashu is oh-so-tender it almost melts into your mouth with explosive fatty goodness.  But, we warned it comes with guilt since they use the belly part which comes with fats.

shio ramen
Shio Ramen Regular (265 php)

The Shio Ramen is a salt-based ramenIf you want to appreciate the flavor of their broth which is made from boiling premium black pork bones for nearly a day and their tasty egg-based noodles, the
Shio Ramen is an excellent choice.  In the past, I had this misconception of thinking freshly made noodles are better.  Through Chef Yoshi Ishise, I learned that there is also an art and science in aging the noodles to bring out the best flavor and texture.
shoyu ramen
Shoyu Ramen Regular (285 php)
 The Shoyu Ramen is a soy-based ramen.  This was really soothing

miso corn butter ramen
Miso Corn Butter Ramen Extra Large (335 php + 120 php)
Another distinguishing feature of the ramen attributed to Sapporo is the Corn Butter Ramen.  I find that corn butter is most compatible with the miso as the Sapporo locals did it so I tried the Miso Corn Butter Ramen.  This is one good comfort food!

shio nori ramen
Shio Nori Ramen (295 php)
If you want more Nori, you can order the Nori Ramen to get 5 instead of 1 Nori.  You can also order additional topping with any choice of ramen.  The Tamago is okay.  But, it could be even better if more runny.

Side Menu
Edamame (85 php)
You can order the Edamame to keep you busy while waiting for your other orders.

seared premium pork chashu
Seared Premium Pork Chashu (205 php)
The Seared Premium Pork Chashu is a must order!  They have a special way of char-grilling the pork making it so tasty and tender.

seared premium pork chashu
Seared Premium Pork Chashu (205 php)
I've raved about the Chashu as ramen toppings rightBut, they are nothing alike.  It is more smokey in flavor and the consistency is thicker so you get to chew and enjoy more of its tender and flavorful meatiness .

chicken karaage
Chicken Karaage with House Special Negi Sauce (265 php)
While the top most pieces of the Chicken Karaage with House Special Negi Sauce are crunchy with the right blend, I found the bottom soaked and soggy parts to possess too rich of a salty and sour vinegar flavor.

Shrimp Tempura (375 php)
The Shrimp Tempura is good but nothing extraordinary.  Among the items, I found this to to be exceptionally a bit more pricey.

Corn Tempura (225 php)

This is the first time I've tried a Corn Tempura and I love it.  It is battered corn, caramelized onions and edamame with a flavorful soy-based sauce.  I'll prefer this over the Shrimp Tempura anytime.  You have to try this!

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Still young and on its dry run phase, Ramen Sora needs more adjustments in terms of taste and service.  I found some of the items too salty.  And, the staffs still have a difficulty coping up with our orders.  But, I'm sure with dedicated passion, they'll get everything perfected upon its official opening.  I'm looking forward to try them again by then especially since their Tokutarou Gyoza is not yet available during my visit and their price is reasonable.

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Ramen Sora
Business Address Court Meridian Hotel
Lot B, Waterfront Road Corner Rojas St., Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic, Zambales, Philippines
Business Hours 10am-10am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 350-600
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
(047) 252-2366
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