King Chef Seafood Restaurant: Birthday Dinner Celebration Chinese Lauriat Style (Lucky China Town Mall)

Birthday dinner celebrations enjoyed Chinese lauriat style is a big part of Tsinoy culture so here I am with another post of it.  When it comes to Chinese restaurant selection, we youngsters entrust the selection process to my Ah E who recommended that we dine at King Chef Seafood Restaurant this time.  We've dined here several times already (but this is the only incident I brought a camera).

King Chef Seafood Restaurant in Lucky China Town Mall is so spacious with lots of seating capacity that the chances of seeing other Tsinoy friends there are high.

king chef seafood restaurant
Aside from the general dining areas, they also offer function rooms for more private occasions and events.


Hakaw (Shrimp Dumpling) (90 php)
We actually ordered the dimsum last because they have a dimsum promo after 9 pm.  We were already full so we only ordered our favorites.  The Hakaw is my all-time favorite.

xo siomai
X.O. Siomai (85 php)

My cousins ordered the X.O. Siomai.
fried shrimp dumpling
Fried Shrimp Dumpling (95 php)

The Fried Shrimp Dumpling is one of their specialty dimsums so its a must order!

hot and sour soup
Hot and Sour Soup LRG (620 php)
 The Hot and Sour Soup is my default order.

golden pumpkin soup
Golden Pumpkin Soup LRG (950 php)
The Golden Pumpkin Soup is another great choice.  Since I couldn't chose which soup I wanted, I had both.

Live Seafood Selection
sauteed suahe tea leaves
Sauteed Suahe with Tea Leaves
Prices are not fixed for the live seafood selection.  It's a bit more pricey but worth it.  The Sauteed Suahe with Tea Leaves is one of the items we always order at King Chef.

Lapu Lapu 
fried lapu lapu mango sauce
Fried Lapu-Lapu in Mango Sauce
The Fried Lapu-Lapu in Mango Sauce is also a must order when dining at King Chef.  The mango sauce breaks the monotony of the usual sweet and sour fare.

spareribs 8 spices
Spareribs with 8 Spices SML (320 php)
The Spareribs with 8 Spices is crunchy on the outside but the pork meat is tender and juicy.

Chicken & Pigeon
chicken fortune bags
Chicken Fortune Bags LRG (960 php)
The Chicken Fortune Bags is another family favorite.  It's filled with tiny diced chicken and mushrooms.

stuffed eggplant with japanese sauce
Stuffed Eggplant with Japanese Sauce SML (380 php)
The Stuffed Eggplant with Japanese Sauce is also King Chef's best-seller and we love it too.  The sweet and savory sauce as well as the smooth and fun texture of this dish is sensational!

Vegetables & Beancurd
Seasonal Vegetables (Polonchay) with Garlic LRG (550 php)
We also got the Seasonal Vegetables (Polonchay) with Garlic just to have something healthy which is a must for the oldies.

birthday noodles
Birthday Noodles LRG (625 php)
The Birthday Noodles is of course a requirement for every Chinese birthday celebration.

butterfly iced tea
Butterfly Iced Tea
The Butterfly Iced Tea is a sweet blend of brewed iced tea.

milk tea
Milk Tea
The Milk Tea was a bit too sweetened.

Complimentary Desserts
mango balls
Mango Balls
One of the perks of eating at Chinese restaurants often is that Ah E is already best friends with every manager.  Not only will you be guided on what to order (what's the freshest seafood etc.), you'll also be given a discount when dining in groups and any complimentary dessert you want.  (These perks are similarly offered in every Chinese restaurant.)  We wanted Mango Sago but it was not available so they served Mango Balls instead.  It is has a mango flavored skin filled with a mango slice and covered in dessicated coconut.

almond jelly
Almond Jelly
We were also given served a second dessert which was Almond Jelly.  This is a classic dessert which I'll never get tired of eating.

king chef lucky chinatown mall
Complimentary Dance and Song Number
While enjoying our dessert, the servers also danced and sang their hearts out (about three or four times).  You can even request your favorite song if you want.  The excess performance numbers were a display of the manager's hospitality and show of gratitude for our dining loyalty.  Ah E and the rest of us were very delighted with such a simple gesture.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
King Chef Seafood Restaurant has always consistently delivered quality food and service.  No doubt, we will soon dine here again.

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