Kopi Roti: Our Favorite Kopi Buns and More

Way back in high school, my classmates and I would sneakily eat behind the teacher's back just for fun.  We Tsinoys call that "Taw Cha".  We would take turns bringing snacks and share it with the group.  One day, my classmate brought Kopi Roti which was entirely new for me.  

kopi roti
I asked where he bought it and brought home some for the family as a surprise.  They loved it too and since then we've been loyal customers.


kopi roti
Set E: 1 pc. Kopi Bun with Coffee (or tea) (105 php)
When dining in, our usual order is Set E: 1 pc. Kopi Bun with Coffee (or tea)Kopi Roti's Coffee is pretty good for such an affordable price.

kopi roti
Kopi Bun (50 php)
But,our favorite is really their Kopi BunJust its coffee and butter aroma can wake me up from a drowsy state.  When I was in high school, this was only 30 php.  Naturally, it's been price has increased like the rest of the commodities.

kopi roti
Kopi Bun (50 php)
The Kopi Bun has a thin flavorful crispy coffee crust with followed by its  soft and fluffy dough with warm butter in the middle.  Whenever we spot a Kopi Roti branch, we'd buy some of this for take home.  They have a nice packaging for 6 pieces with matching paper bag.  We enjoy eating this for breakfast or merienda.  It's easy to reheat.  We just use the electric oven toaster.

kopi roti
Kaya Puff (25 php)
It's our first time to try the Kaya Puff which was smaller in size and topped with powdered sugar.

kopi roti
Kaya Puff (25 php)
It was not as crisp as the Kopi Bun.  Instead of butter, it had the Kaya spread.  It was pale in comparison to our all-time favorite Kopi Bun.

kopi roti
Soft Boiled Eggs (35 php)
They also offer the Soft Boiled Eggs  which was prepared the Singaporean way.  It has 2 soft boiled eggs mixed with black soy sauce and sprinkled with white pepper.  I'm not a big fan of this style since I love my eggs plain as I appreciate the egg yolk flavor but some prefer eating eggs this way.  If you haven't tried this, you should try it out for yourself.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Over the years, we've tried coffee buns from local bakeshops and international franchises but nothing even comes close to Kopi Roti!  It is still our favorite Kopi Buns and I think it's pretty tough to beat. 

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