Brasserie Cicou: Celebrating Pre-Mother's Day Dinner

Whenever my friends find out that I have a food blog, most of them would say I'm lucky for having tried so many food establishments.  Truth be told, it's the dishes I don't blog that I'm most grateful for.  On most days of the week since childhood, our dishes at home are cooked by mom from the freshest and healthiest ingredients which she buys from the nearby market on a daily basis.  

Another question I am usually asked is what is my favorite dish.  I always just smile because I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them, it's simply my mom's steamed okra and fried pampano. =))  

And mind you, cooking is probably the least my mom has ever done for us.  And, we, as her children have and will always show her how much we love her for that.  

brasserie cicou

For our pre-mother's day dinner celebration, my siblings and I thought really hard on treating her to establishments she deserves.  We decided that a French dinner which we rarely have would be fitting.  Thus, I suggested Brasserie Cicou by Chef Cyrille who is nicknamed Cicou. I've visited this on the 18th of February three years ago and since then I've been wanting to take the family here to try.

brasserie cicou
The interiors are as I've remembered it to be, an excellent fusion of elegance and comfort.  The lamps are made of wine glasses and wine bottles which was artistic but in a refined way.

brasserie cicou
There's a loft which board games.  My siblings played chess here while having an after-dinner coffee.

brasserie cicou
There are pastries and spreads for sale at the Delicatessen.

brasserie cicou
Complimentary Bread Basket
I've read a lot of raves about the Complimentary Bread Basket but when we tried it, it was not as spectacular as we expected.  It was thinly crusted so it was quite crisp and flaky on the outer while soft and chewy on the inside.  It was good but not beyond comparison as exclaimed to be.

Appetizers et Snacks
beef carpaccio
Beef Carpaccio (488 php)
When the Beef Carpaccio was served, we all had the same silent expression which I assumed to be "Wow! That's a lot of fine meat right there."  It was a heavenly as it looked.  My mom and siblings, who are rarely enticed by meat dishes, couldn't help but eat like carnivores.

Les Soupes
We had our soups split into two because we intend to order more solid offerings.  

la soupe lonion
La Soupe a l'Onion (330 php) *NOTE: this is only half serving
 The La Soupe a l'Onion is a very good rendition of the classic onion soup covered in melted cheese.

prawn bisque
Prawn Bisque, Sea Urchin Flan (390 php)

All the soups we tried were awesome.  But, my favorite among them would be the Prawn Bisque, Sea Urchin Flan.  I'm very pleased that mom approved of this as well!

mushroom soup
Mushroom Soup (310 php)
The Mushroom Soup received the least praise but only because it was more common that the rest.  The bold flavors of the mushroom were enhanced by the cream base.

chef cicou salad
Chef Cicou Salad Single (330 php)
Salad is my mom's favorite course so we ordered the Chef Cicou Salad.  It had croutons, greens, onions, gruyere cheese, dried tomatoes, egg, chicken and ham.  It was really good! 

Les Pates
seafood ink pasta
Seafood Ink Pasta (510 php)
We really didn't expect the Seafood Ink Pasta to be as it is.  It was like a lasagna with black layer of pasta covered in melted cheese and drenched in creamy sauce with bits of prawns, fish, mussels and clams.  It was fantastic!

chicken breast fillet
Chicken Breast Fillet (498 php)
I thought the Chicken Breast Fillet looked and sounded plain but I was proven wrong.  The chicken was moist and very tasty.  The pasta was cooked al dente.  This is one of the most precisely cooked pasta, I've ever encountered.

onglt poele
Onglet Poele (650 php)
The Onglet Poele is one of the best pan-seared US hanging beef tender I've tried!  We had it cooked medium and it was cooked precisely so.  It was also served with thick potato fries and romaine salad.

asian sea bass a la plancha
Asian Sea Bass a la Plancha (610 php)
The Asian Sea Bass a la Plancha is another hit among us!  The mix match of flavor and texture is light but outstanding.

kouign amann
Kougn Amann au Cinnamon (330 php)
For dessert, we had the Kougn Amann au Cinnamon which is aboslutely the best Kouign Amann in the Metro!  We indulged ourselves over this sweet laminted pastry is covered in cinammon sugar and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Decaffeinated Coffee Lavazza (120 php)
It's my first time to be acquianted with Lavazza, an Italian espresso coffee brand.  Well, I loved it!  The Decaffeinated Coffee Lavazza was a very soothing after-dinner coffee.

Vanilla Canelle (20 php) and Madeleine (15 php/each)
We really bought some Vanilla Canelle and Madeleine for take home snacks because they were so tiny and cute.  But upon tasting them, I found them to be the most ist and soft ones I've ever tried.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Thanks to Brasserie Cicou, I've appreciated French cuisine like never before.  The service is excellent.  The food quality is definitely worth of the price you pay for. 

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