Dulcelin Gourmet: Dining for their Delicious Dishes at UP Town Center

Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City 1108, Philippines

Last month, the family was eagerly checked out UP Town Center.  While passing by Dulcelin Gourmet (supposedly on our way to Cotton On), the staff was very kind and hospitable so my mom was convinced to abandon our wait list in another restaurant and try it.

dulcelin gourmet

As soon as we stepped in, we were quickly ushered to a freshly cleaned table and handed out the menu.  The lady server guided us through the best-selling items.

*Photo credits to my little sister and her camera.

red rice shiso duo
Red Rice Shiso Duo (240 php)
The Red Rice Shiso Duo is not your usual salad.  It has 2 pairs of seared tuna and soft shrimp with aji tamago quail egg on a bed of japanese rice mixed with Korean spices on shisho leaves.  Since it a duo, the other 2 pairs are the SRF wagyu skirt pickled radish with aji tamago quail egg on a bed of japanese rice mixed with Korean spices on shisho leaves.  Whether its the tuna or wagyu, I'd say it was cooked perfectly!  And, a mouthful of this is just astounding!


Lengua (330 php/Single Serve)

The Lengua has a zesty brown sauce with mushrooms, chorizo and olives.  This is another dish that is well executed from flavor to tenderness.

Callos (250 php/Single Serve)
Everyone was wooed by the Callos as well.  It has generous servings of oh-so-soft ox tripe, chorizo and garbanos. 

scotch egg
Scotch Egg (200 php/Single Serve)
I never thought an egg dish could earn all our approval until the moment we tried the Scotch Egg.  Although it looks humble, it was boasting with explosive flavors.  The tandem between the egg and the garlicky Italian sausage was superb.  It being served with miso corn rice and seaweed made the experience even better.
baked salmon
Baked Salmon (395 php/Single Serve)
The Baked Salmon is really of quality.  You can taste the freshness of Norwegian water with this pillow-soft salmon fillet. You can opt to choose it basted with either: wasabi mayo or parmesan pesto.  We got the former and was quite pleased with it.  My mom is very particular about the fishy scent and flavor.  She doesn't even eat the one from Contis.  But, she loved this!

dulcelin gourmetdulcelin gourmet cakes
They had a lot of pies and cakes available.  But, we had dessert plans elsewhere so we opted to skip this.

strawberry cake
Anyway, we've tried their famous Mango Torte and Strawberry Cake countless of times already since  little sister is so diligent in picking it up from Quezon City and bringing it home in Manila as long as she gets to eat their cake.  You can just check my previous review of those here.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I have to admit, we didn't much from Dulcelin Gourmet because cooking is very much different art and science from baking.  But, boy were we surprised at how delicious their dishes are.  I highly recommend this place.  It's a must try!  Both thumbs up for the friendliness and excellent service as well.

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Dulcelin Gourmet UP Town Center
Business Address 2/F, Ayala UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon -Thurs: 11am - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 11am -11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-800
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Contact (02) 374-2165
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