Le Petite Cheri: Cute Parisian Inspired Cafe in (Molito Lifestye Complex Alabang)

After our Ramen dinner at Yushoken, the family went to Le Petite Cheri just a few stores away and also located in Molito Alabang to buy some pastries for the next day's breakfast.

le petite cheri
It has a beautiful Parisian inspired ambiance.   They had a dining area with well-cushioned wooden seats that matched its wooden tables. 

le petite cheri
They had a chiller of luscious cakes and pastries.   This enticed us to have an after-dinner coffee and cake session.  After all, we did travel all the way to Alabang just to eat so we might us way go all out.

le petite cheri
It has a bakery area where we thought we could buy some bread.  But unfortunately, they were sold out of bread and these are just for display.

le petite cheri
More cakes are displayed in the bakery area but not as much as in the dining area.

le petite cheri
Since it was Christmas, they have a tall Christmas Tree by their staircase too. 

le petite cheri
The second floor has a library where you can read their wide collection of books.

le petite cheri
And, there is an even more private room with more books and a nice view of the Molito's parking area. 

suze ormans financial guidebook
While waiting for our orders, I got some book too.

le petite cheri
Even their place mat and utensil holder is cute.

mousse au chocolat
Mousse au Chocolat (115 php)
The Mousse au Chocolat is an irresistible treat with layers of dark and white chocolate mousses, all set on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with velvety chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings.

mousse au chocolat
Mousse au Chocolat (115 php)
This Mousse au Chocolat is so heavenly!  Chocoholics like me will definitely fall in love with it.  This is probably one of the best chocolate mousse I've ever had.

tarte aux pommes
Tarte Aux Pommes (115 php)
The Tarte Aux Pommes is a classic french take on apple pie fresh apple slices set on a bed of Frangpane (sweet almond pastry cream).  If you like apple pie, then you'll like this because it's very similar.  You can request an ala mode version with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  I forgot to note if we were charged extra for that. 

toffee coffee
Toffee Coffee (120 php)
I ordered the Toffee Coffee and requested it to be lightly sweetened.  It was still sweet but the strong nutty coffee was able to balance with it well. 

Coffee Selection
cafe au lait
Cafe Au Lait (85 php)
The Cafe Au Lait impressed my coffee affecionado brother as well.  It comes with a free cookie. 

cappucino decaf
Cappucino Decaf (105 php)
My little sister found their Cappucino Decaf too light for her preference. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Le Petite Cheri is a nice place to take your time and relax over a good meal.  They also serve wine.  I love their concept in terms of food and ambiance.  The Mousse au Chocolat is definitely worth coming back for.  Too bad we didn't get to try their main entrees.  My aunt advised us that they are superb as well.  The service is also excellent. 

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Le Petite Cheri
Business Address Molito Alabang Lifestyle Center
Madrigal Avenue, Ayala Alabang,
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0917) 511-0138
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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