Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK: Affordable Filipino Fare for Sharing in Megamall

I've been passing by Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK for quite some time.  But, it was only a few months ago when I decided to stop and give it a try. 

Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK
From the name itself and the ambiance, there is a an evident Filipino feel to it. 

Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK
What's distinctive about the place is the Jeepney display. 


Unang Sigaw (starters)
maquezong scallops
Maquezong Scallops (195 php)
For starters, we had the Maquezong Scallops which is a plateful of 8 pcs. baked half-shelled scallops with melted cheese, mayonnaise and garlic on top.  As an ultimate fan of scallops, I instantly fell in love with this.  The price is very reasonable too.

Mga Tiltilan (Salads and Relishes)
krispy kangkong salad
Krispy Kangkong Salad (100 php)
The Krispy Kangkong Salad is a fun, crunchy and healthy salad to feast on even for kids and non-veggie lovers.  It has huge battered kangkong leaves, singkamas and tomatoes.  The greasiness is totally eliminated when eaten with their special onions and tomatoes house dressing that's sweet and tangy. 

Sabaw (soups)
sinigang na lechon
Sinigang na Lechon (290 php)
The Sinigang na Lecho is a mix of my two most favorite Filipino dishes: Native Lechon and Sinigang.  I'm very impressed with the generosity of the native lechon chunks as well as sweet, fresh and crunchy vegetables making this a bountiful medley of natural flavors.

Kanin (rice)
kanin ng kkk
Kanin ng KKK (150 php)
The Kanin ng KKK has strips of scrambled egg and tiny bits of liempo.  It has a savory soy and garlick-y flavor.

sinigang na tinapa itlog na maalat
Sinangag sa Tinapa at Itlog na Maalat (150 php)
The Sinangag sa Tinapa at Itlog na Maalat had a few slices of salted egg and ripe tomatoes, tinapa flakes in garlic rice.  It's a great choice of staple but I'd prefer if this had more salted egg. 

Mga Gulay (Vegetables)
pinakbet ng kkk
Pinakbet ng KKK (155 php)
My mom is a native of Ilocos Sur so we have Pinakbet often at home.  During the summer, our Ilocano household helpers serve this to us whenever we go to my mom's ancestral home.  So, you can say I am very familiar with this dish and have a high standard for it.  I have to say Pinakbet ng KKK definitely deserves its award.  The mix match of flavor and texture is perfect!

Mga Yamang Dagat at Ilog (Seafoods)
paruparong pla pla
Paruparong Pla-Pla (290 php)
The Paruparong Pla-Pla is not only visually appealing with its bits of yellow mango bits and red tomato relish.  It's very interesting to eat too with the medley of sweet and tangy tones.  Not to mention the crunchy pla-pla, juicy tomatoes and smooth mango cubes exemplified this dish even more.  It also comes with a sweet chili sauce which for me was not necessary.

krispy bangus belly sa mangang hinog sarsa
Krispy Bangus Belly sa Mangang Hinog Sarsa (250 php)
The best of dish that we had was the Krispy Bangus Belly sa Mangang Hinog Sarsa.  Everyone was felt overjoyed upon trying this.  This is composed of crispy bangus belly slices covered in sweet, tangy and creamy mango sauce with mango cubes.  I highly recommend this!  Don't ever miss this out when dining at Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK.

Maki-Baka (Beef Specialties)
bistek flakes
Bistek Flakes (230 php)
The Bistek Flakes is something I'd prefer to have as a snack that a viand.   I felt like I wanted to have all of this with the tomatoes and onions bits mixed in my rice because it's not tasty enough in small quantities.  

Piggy-tarian Specialities (Pork Dishes)
adobo ni jake espesyal
Adobo ni Jake Espesyal (290 php)
The Adobo ni Jake Espesyal was pork adobo with atsuete and fried slices of saba topped with adobo flakes.  Being a usual table item, it was really difficult for me to find something spectacular with this dish.  But, if you love adobo then give it a try.

Mga Panghimagas
banana fritters ala mode
Banana Fritters Ala Mode (78 php)
The Banana Fritters Ala Mode are fried rolls filled with banana and topped with Arce Dairy's mantecado ice cream and caramel.  It was a pleasant sweet meal-ender.

kamias shake
Tanglad Iced Tea (55 php), Kamias Shake (78 php), Pandan Iced Tea (55 php) and Sampalok (78 php)
For drinks, I had the Kamias Shake.  It was a refreshing drink to enjoy with any dish.

buko pandan juice
Buko Pandan Juice (140 php/pitcher)
We also tried the Buko Pandan Juice with pandan jelly bits.  A pitcher is good to share for 3 to 4 persons.  This is a very affordable drink option.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK is a great choice for affordable filipino fare.  Despite their surprisingly low pricing, they are able to offer the authentic taste of Filipino cuisine by using the best ingredients.  Their serving portions are good for sharing too.

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Kainan sa Kalye Kaunlaran KKK
Branches SM Megamall
Lower G/F SM Megamall B, Julia Vargas Ave cor. EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
(02) 634-6077

SM City Fairview
2/F SM City Fairview-Annex 2, Quirino Ave Greater Lagro, 

Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 351-6131  

SM City North EDSA
North Ave. Sto. Cristo, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 332-2325
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 250-500
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