Outback Steakhouse: Back for the Hefty Lunch Specials that's Easy on the Budget

My mom is a believer of the You Only Live Once.  So when we were young, we have a little tradition called "Steak Day Friday".  Once a month on a Friday, we would eat steak either at home or at some random steakhouse.  This practice grants my mom a break from the difficult cooking preparation which she does in other days. 

outback steakhouse glorietta 4
One of our favorite places for steaks was Outback at our neighboring mall Robinson's Place Manila.  I've been there so many times, I could still picture how it was back in the day.  That was around 1998 until it closed down in 2000.  The first floor had T.G.I.Fridays then there is an exclusive wooden staircase with Australian-related displays towards the second floor for Italianni's and Outback Steakhouse.  Our tradition kind of faded away with the closing of that Outback branch and I haven't made a come back at Outback until recently for their affordable Lunch Specials.

outback steakhouse glorietta 4
My visit at Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta 4 was still nostalgic despite the difference in interiors.  I recall it having a more cabin-like feel.  But this time, it had a more grander and cozy atmosphere.  They also have a "17 spices wall" with real spices that they use on their dishes and I think a real knife set displayed?

outback steakhouse glorietta 4
There's a big screen and a bar for drinkers. 

honey wheat bushman bread
Complimentary Honey Wheat Bushman Bread with Whipped Butter
As soon as I arrived, a Complimentary Honey Wheat Bushman Bread with Whipped Butter was laid on our table.  While waiting for my companions, I tried this delightful light chocolate, gluten-free loaf by spreading some whipped butter on it. 

kookaburra wings
Kookaburra Wings Mild Full (469 php)
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of buffalo wings and I like them spicy!  You can choose the Kookaburra Wings to be mild, medium or spicy.  It is servd with celery and bleu cheese dip. Our first one was mild.  Well, it had a pepperish crunchy coating and succulent meat.  It was good but too lame for me.  Good thing, my companions mistakenly ordered spicy for the next round.  This time the Kookaburra Wings were covered in fiery red hot sauce.  Mmm the red sizzling hotness with the juicy meat was just my kind of teaser even without the bleu cheese dip or the celery to cool my tongue down.

November Special
nachos artichoke dip
Nachos with Spinach Artichoke Dip
 I've always loved anything with Spinach Artichoke Dip but it's rarely offered at restaurants.  I couldn't stop munching on the Nachos with Spinach Artichoke Dip  all meal long.  Their Spinach Artichoke Dip is dominantly of parmesan and some Monterey Jack cheese which made it a bit saltier than the others I've tried.

Weekday Lunch Specials (Add a cup of Soup of the Day and a glass of Iced Tea/Soda for 95 php)
Outback Steakhouse back then was so special to me because I know it was luxuriously priced.  We used to spend at least a thousand per person and that was way back when.  Now that I'm all grown up and having to pay for my own meal, I've always thought that Outback Steakhouse is an intimidating place for my wallet.  Thus, my delayed revisit.  What made me come back was my discovery that Outback Steakhouse had a lot of affordable options such as their Weekday Lunch Specials.  The price range was very flexible that its easy on the budget even for office workers and students.  

teriyaki beef medallions
Teriyaki Beef Medallions (499 php)
I'll start with my favorite among the Lunch Specials, the Teriyaki Beef Medallions.  This fire-grilled medium-cooked steak chunk skewers with onions and red and green peppers marinated with subtly sweet teriyaki sauce was fantastic!  It is laid on a bed of seasoned rice with your choice of side dish (Steamed Vegetables in this case)

chicken fried chicken
Chicken Fried Chicken (199 php)
The Chicken Fried Chicken are crispy golden fried chicken tenders topped with classic white gravy and served with mashed potato.  This is a quite a bargain deal for such a satisfactory dish!  

grilled fish marsala
Grilled Fish Marsala (199 php)
The Grilled Fish Marsala is a grilled and seasoned fresh fish of the day (Dowry in this case) topped with spinach and button mushroom marsala sauce with your choice of side dish (Steamed Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes in this case).  The dowry was grilled just right delivering softness that almost melts on your mouth. 

classic florentine pasta
Classic Florentine Pasta (299 php)
I always have a respect for classics.  I found the cheesy Classic Florentine Pasta with the right blend of tangy marinara sauce, spinach strips and garlic crumbs quite enjoyable.

steak tips with garlic peppers
Steak Tips with Garlic and Peppers (399 php)
The Steak Tips with Garlic and Peppers is bite-sized steak in red wine sauce with garlic and peppers.  It is served with Aussie fries and steamed vegetables.  I'd suggest this for those who prefer their steaks to be cooked medium well and well-seasoned. 

Outback Favorites
baby back ribs
Baby Back Ribs Half (649 php)
The Baby Back Ribs is a saucy wet-rubbed barbecue ribs served with Aussie fries.  It was exploding in flavor in every bite.  It was lean, mean and tender but not the fall of the bone type. 

Signature Steaks
victorias fillet
Victoria's Filet with Grilled Shrimp (949 php + 279 php)
Of course, I'm not leaving Outback "Steakhouse" without having my steak!  The Victoria's Filet is their best-selling 6 oz thick cut fillet.  This is one gratifying piece of heaven I assure you. 

victorias fillet
Victoria's Filet with Grilled Shrimp (949 php + 279 php)
When I was young, I didn't know how to enjoy a good steak and had them cooked medium well.  Now, I like them cooked medium or on good days such as this, medium rare.  It's such a beautiful seeing the warm red center with juiciness spewing out in every slice. 

Irresistible Dessert
chocolate thunder from down under
Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (315 php)
The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under is a fresh-baked pecan brownie topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and over-flowing with warm, rich and sweet chocolate sauce then finished with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  This is heavenly but overwhelming for just one person.  I personally prefer the Dessert Sampler Trio which has all their regular dessert offering: Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, Cheesecake and Banana Nut Cake in sample sizes.  Even in my puny and frail built back then, I could finish that all by myself.

cinnamon oblivion
Cinnamon Oblivion
The Cinnamon Oblivion is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream sprinkled all over by candied pecan bits topped with whipped cream and cherry and laid on a pool of caramel syrup with cinnamon crouton and apple cubes.  It is Outback's extravagant version of a classic Apple Crumble Ala Mode.  And, I promise you that this is one genuinely blissful sweet treat!


Spirit Free Cocktails
coco berry smoothie
Coco-Berry Smoothie (165 php)
For refreshments, I had a frosty and creamy glass of their Coco-Berry Smoothie which is a blend of coconut and strawberries.   

Tip: I wouldn't recommend the Libis Branch.  My experience there was not okay.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I'm so glad to finally come back to Outback Steakhouse.  It has consistently proven that it's not a world-renowned restaurant chain for nothing.  The food quality, ambiance and service is superb.  Now that they offer a more flexible price range, it is a now recommendable suggestion even for casual dining. 

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