Wrong Ramen and Umami Hambaagu House's Ramen Burger: A Hype That's Not Our Type

A few weeks ago, we saw the poster of the Ramen Burger Poster at Wrong Ramen.  It is a collaboration of Wrong Ramen and Umami Hambaagu House Since we knew Wrong Ramen is usually packed, we planned to visit Umami Hambaagu House instead to be able to dine comfortably. 

As expected, there were only few customers at Umami Hambaagu House.  We were able to order and seat to our convenience. 
Ramen Burger (240 php)

Everyone was excited so no one thought of ordering anything else other than the Ramen Burger.  It came in such a nice packaging which raised our expectation to another notch.

Ramen Burger (240 php)
The Ramen Burger is uses ramen as a bun.  As you can see, there are sesame seeds on top with pan-fry marks.  For topping it had braised pork belly, fried egg, Japanese mayo, tonkatsu bonito barbecue sauce, lettuce, Umami Hambaagu House's signature beef and pork patty. 

Upon first bite, every was intrigued.  But it soon faded away once we felt how oily it was.  I initially though, it was a bit crispy but the ramen is soggy and it seemed to have absorbed the oil of the pork belly and burger patty.  It wasn't even that hot.  The Japanese mayo and tonkatsu bonito barbecue sauce failed in making the bland beef and pork patty more enticing to eat.  We all couldn't finish it on our own.  Hmm... so I guess it wasn't out type.  But, worth the try still just for the experience.  We regret not ordering from Umami Hambaagu House's normal menu though. 

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Umami Hambaagu House
Business AddressThe Grove by Rockwell
(Across Tiendesitas) C5, 
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours11 am-11pm
Payment Options  Cash
Service Charge10%
Free WiFiYes
Unlocked Foursquare PerksNone
Contact(02) 695-3643
Other Email: hello@umamiburgersteaks.com  Website

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