Sweet Hunt: Best Taiwanese Snow Ice Place Ever! (Closed)

I first heard about Sweet Hunt from my friend Berylle.  When I mentioned it to the family, they already knew about it and told me they are frequent customers.  They were quite surprised and amazed of the fact that I've was so late in my discovery and that I have not tried it yet. 

Well, it's no secret that ever since I was a kid, I've been known as the "anti-social" home buddy in the family.  Perhaps, the only time I was forced to get out my shell is when I had a 5-year relationship.  But, being single again led me to go back to my usual hermit-like introverted self.  

sweet hunt
One time we were having a family dinner at Robinson's Place and they decided that it's time for me to finally try Sweet Hunt.  

Sweet Hunt is apparently a Taiwanese desserts shack located at the 3rd Level of Midtown Wing fronting Toys "R" Us.  I loved the modern decor of the place.  It had quirky variety of drop lights emanating a soft yellow light and trendy mix-match set of chairs. 

According to them, the Drinks are not recommendable so I should go for the Snow Ice.  Well, since they are treating me and they are familiar with the place, I took their advise.  My little sisters were teasing me as they handed me the menu.  As the pitiful guest of honor, they told me to order whatever I want. 

Snow Ice
black forest shaved ice
Black Forest Medium (70 php)
I've always been adored the Black Forest cake.  But, never had I tried it in Snow Ice or shaved ice form. A spoonful into its strawberry liquorish and chocolate-y taste made me got me hooked!  The shaved ice is so fine that it instantly melts on your mouth in the most delightful way.  The chocolate chips adds a pleasant crunchy texture too.

tiramisu shaved ice
Tiramisu Medium (100 php)
The family insists that the Tiramisu is a must order and thus, I obliged.  They say I had my childish smile plastered on my face as I devoured over this.  This is simply the best snow ice I have ever tried!  I bet no one could ever resist this cool snow ice treat topped with cocoa powder, creme chantilly, coffee and condense milk.  

red bean matcha shaved ice
Red Bean Matcha Medium (100 php)

The first two variants had a plain milky snow ice base.  On the other hand,  the Red Bean Matcha had a delicious green tea matcha snow ice base.  It was topped with a generous amount of red beans, mochi balls and condense milk.  It was really good but not as creative as the rest.

Update (March 10,2014):  Passed by this place and found out it is now closed =( So sad!  It's even perfect for the summer.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sweet Hunt is offers the best Taiwanese Snow Ice in the Metro!  Now, I know where I can hang out whenever the family goes on their usual shopping spree at Robsinson's Place.  If you're the pastry type of person (which I honestly am not), you can try their Honey Toasts too which looks enticing.

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Sweet Hunt
Business Address
3/F Midtown Wing Robinsons, Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 50-250
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None

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