Cafe De Seoul Le Salle: Cute and Techie Korean Cafe at One Archer's Place

When I shared about Cafe De Seoul La Salle to my family, they were ecstatic about it.  Since we're mostly women in the family, we're all suckers for cute things so we took the earliest chance we could to drop by and check it out. 

cafe de seoul
Cafe De Seoul La Salle is the first thing you see upon reaching the back part of the second floor of One Archers Place. It's easy to find but parking was a bit of a challenge.
cafe de seoul
Upon entry, we spotted cute wooden fixtures.  The tall round tables were equipped with tablets by the clear glass windows. 

cafe de seoul cafe de seoul
The walls are decorated by photos and frames.  Interesting enough, there's a photo of the fixtures being custom made. 

cafe de seoul
There's also a part of the wall with lots of cute post its.  As we walk through the narrow path, we realized that the store space is a unique H-shaped area. 

cafe de seoul cafe de seoul
There are mugs being sold and displayed by the counter.  It is also my first time to see drip coffee makers like the ones they use.

cafe de seoul
They have one of the widest and most attractive counters I have ever seen.  But I didn't understand the arrival and departure part.

cafe de seoul pastry
The counter has two chillers filled with their enticing pastries and cakes.

cafe de seoul pastry

cafe de seoul la salle
The place is bright, clean, spacious and cool which gives a cozy and relaxing vibe to it.    There's a reliable WiFi too.

cafe de seoul la salle

cafe de seoul la salle
My siblings occupied the tables with tablets and played Paper Wars and other multi-player games they could download while enjoying their drinks.

cafe de seoul la salle
If you're more on the gazing day-dreamer type, the long bar will be more of your style.

Their drinks come in two sizes: Eco (12 oz.) and Biz (16 oz.)
cafe de seoul la salle

After our buzzer rang, we claimed our drinks at the counter.

seoul water drip coffee
Seoul Water Drip Biz (160 php)
The Seoul Water Drip is brewed using the tall drink coffee maker as displayed.  I had huge expectations for this because of the expensive price.  But, it actually tastes like the usual iced coffee

blended mocha
Mocha Biz (145 php)
Seoul Tea
honeyquince pear
Honeyquince Pear / Mogwa-Bae Biz (145 php)
The Honeyquince Pear is a bit sweet for my taste.  It had a recognizable thick and sticky consistency of honey and syrup.  It had bits of candied pear bits which you can scoop out using their special straw.

honey chisandra
Honey Chisandra / Omija Biz (145 php)
The Honey Chisandra is a refreshing mixture of citrus flavors which was complemented by the mild sweetness of honey.

inside myeung dong
Inside Myeung Dong Biz (155 php)
The Inside Myeung Dong reminded me of a Yuja or Yuzu (Citron Tea Marmalade) drink with a light fizz.

mugung ever red
Mugung Ever Red Biz (155 php)
The Mugung Ever Red is their version of a cherry Italian soda.  Not only do I like the color, but I also find the flavor just right too.

seoul lady
Seoul Lady Biz (155 php)
An interesting drink to try is the Seoul Lady which taste like the sophisticate taste of red wine with its bubbly sensation and yet its non-alcoholic.  For those allergic to alcohol like me, this is a great alternative don't you agree?

cafe de seoul reward card
Cafe De Seoul Reward Card

Another tempting reason to come back is their Cafe De Seoul Reward Card which not only offers freebies when you've collected their stamps, it is also a raffle ticket to a trip to Korea.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cafe De Seoul Le Salle is a cute and techie Korean cafe at One Archer's Place that's a great chill out place for all ages.  It's air-conditioned, spacious, clean, bright and well-equipped with a tablets, reliable WiFi and power supply.  Their prices are a bit high but its quite understandable since what it offers looks costly to maintain.  We wanted to try the Bing-soo which is their fame best-seller but it was not available.  With that and their reward card, we'll surely be back for it.

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Cafe De Seoul Le Salle
Business Address One Archer's Place, Taft Ave. Malate, 
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-11pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None

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