Bag of Beans: A Great Breakfast Place in Tagaytay

Since our little food group The Foodies Circle was formed, we've always dreamed of having cookouts, outings and food trips together.  Last October, our plans finally materialized when we stayed for an overnight cookout at Chilline T House in Tagaytay City.  And, before heading home, we decided to drop by Bag of Beans for breakfast.

We found out later that there are two Bag of Beans in Tagaytay so we had to choose.  We decided to head for the main store because aside from the spacious parking area, it occupied a wider space too. 

bag of beans tagaytay
We really couldn't see much beyond their large wooden gates.  Only upon entering did we notice how huge the place was. 

bag of beans tagaytay
The cool morning breeze was even amplified since the area was filled with plants.  There were some aviaries too. 

bag of beans tagaytay
We found out that they offered a brunch buffet during weekends for a nett price of 495 php.  But, since we went on a weekday, we had no choice but to order ala carte.  We skipped the indoor buffet area and went for the al fresco area.  Although we could have sat on the rattan fixtures or the wooden ones, we opted for the cabana which is  more cozy and private. 

bag of beans tagaytay

The cabanas had curtains, plush pillow seats and flowery table clothes.  They require 1,000 php consumable to avail the cabana but since we're a big group of 6, we were certain to go even beyond that.

All Day Breakfast
breakfast sampler
Breakfast Sampler (380 php)
Berylle and D choose the Breakfast Sampler, Sumi got the Sunrise Breakfast (295 php) and her beau got the Porter Steak House (495 php).  Since the orders came in huge proportions, the group shared with each other so I was able to sample all of them.  The Breakfast Sampler had almost everything they served on their breakfast plate (two sunny side ups, two pork sausage links, two light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes, crunchy bacon strips, ham, two pieces of hash brown and two slices of orange)  save for the cheese omelet that's included in the Sunrise Breakfast.  The Sunrise Breakfast may not be as extragant having a cheese omelet, two buttermilk pancakes and two pork sausage links but the cheese omelet alone is worth ordering it for.

Puttanesca (275 php)
Fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt ordered the Puttanesca.  It had the right amount of tanginess and saltiness with geenrous bits of tomatoes, garlic and olives.

Hot Beverages
Everyone orders hot berages except for me.
freshly brewed coffee
Freshly Brewed Coffee (house blend) (105 php)
The Freshly Brewed Coffee (house blend) is simply aromatic in its classic way.

cafe latte
Cafe Latte (110 php)
cafe mocha
Cafe Mocha (110 php)
Cappuccino (110 php)
caramel cappuccino
Caramel Cappuccino (110 php)

Although I did not personally get to try all of them, I could see how pleased everyone was while sipping their cup.  As their name implies, their beverages are a must order. 

Cold Beverage
mocha frappe
Mocha Frappe (115 php)
I opted for the Mocha Frappe and I'm glad with my selection.  I loved how rich their blend is.  And yet, it was neither to bitter nor sweet.  I have to admit, I enjoyed the drinks even more than the food.

Bag of Beans Store
 bag of beans
We've already left the main store when I suddenly remembered that we had to buy pies and pastries for pasalubong at home.  So, the boys brought us to the other Bag of Beans Store
bag of beans

bag of beans

bag of beans bakeshop
They sell a lot of pastries from baguettes to rolls. They also sell their signature mugs, tables, coffee beans and other delicacies. 

bag of beans bakeshop
Their Shepherd's Pie (125 php/single; 520 php/family) is a must try.  It has a savory meaty flavor with the soft creaminess of mashed potatoes that brings comfort to your mouth.  If you prefer chunky meat, try the Steak & Mushroom (125 php/single; 520 php/family). 

bag of beans cafe
We didn't understand the reason for their second store until we reached the balcony at end part of the cafe.  It had high wooden tables and chairs with a clear view over the Taal Lake.  I can imagine seeing the perfect view of the sunrise or sunset here so better visit at those hours. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Bag of Beans is a great breakfast place in Tagaytay.  Perhaps, we'll try the brunch buffet next!  Whichever branch you visit, you'll surely feel relaxed as you immerse yourself with the surrounding.  Although my friends and I had a pleasant and memorable experience, I hope their staffs would be more friendly and accommodating instead of displaying gloominess for a more wholesome experience.  Their WiFi doesn't work too even though they offer a password for a minimum consumption of 500 php.

P.S. This marks TFC's first out of town eat out.  Although we're pretty busy now, I hope we can escape from reality and have more of these in the future. 

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Bag of Beans
Branches Bag of Beans Main Store
115 Aguinaldo Highway,
Mendez Crossing West,
Tagaytay City, Philippines

Bag of Beans Cafe and Store
Crossing Silang, Tagaytay Rotonda,
Tagaytay City, Philippines
Business Hours 5am-4am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-800
Free WiFi Yes (unreliable)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (46) 413-2724
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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