Simply Thai: Contemporary Thai Cuisine Restaurant and Bar in Greenbelt 5

Makati, Philippines

If there's one thing my friends and I at The Foodies Circle have in common, it would be our love for Thai Cuisine.  Thus, our dining at Simply Thai was an unanimous decision.

simply thai
Simply Thai has one of best restaurant interiors I've encountered.  It was of course, designed by interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario who is known for their impactful modern Asian themes.  I loved the hanging lanterns and serene green motif.  Before Simply Thai, this used to be Terrace at the 5th with the same interior but without an outdoor bar.


tom yum kung
 Tom Yum Kung (155 php)
The Tom Yum Kung is a red hot and sour prawn soup with whirls of coconut milk.  Despite the red hot chili bits and galangal (blue ginger) slices, the soup was not as intensely hot.   It had a pleasant medley of sweet, sour and pungent flavors from a mixture of spices and the prawns.  

yam som o
Yam Som O (290 php)
The Yam Som O is a salad filled with juicy sweet pomelo chunks with spices and bits of shrimp and chicken.    It seems richer in taste compared to others I've encountered before.

Rice Noodle Soups
chiangmai Khao Soi Noodle Soup
 Chiangmai Khao Soi Noodle Soup (320 php)
The Chiangmai Khao Soi Noodle Soup is a curry rice noodle soup.  Perhaps, it is because of the coconut milk that subdues the usual dominating curry flavors.  It turned out to be a mid curry soup with cilantro leaves, spices and shallots.  Its taste makes me want to crave for more.  It had two types of noodles: crispy noodles and chewy noodles.  Based on how fast the crispy noodle went, I can safely assume that we all loved the crispy noodles than the chewy ones.

Main Courses
black pepper soft shell crab
 Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab (395 php)
The Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab is tempura crablets glazed with black pepper sauce topped with leeks, red and green bell peppers.  The crablets were cooked in perfect crispy with a delicious black pepper sauce to boot.  Looks like this is the best and easiest way to eat crablets yet.  

takhoo sakhoo
 Takhoo Sakhoo (190 php)
The Takhoo Sakhoo is tapioca pearl steamed cake.  It was served freshly made which made it soft and smooth.  I loved its slightly sweet and refreshing taste.  It takes 20 minutes to prepare so better order it in advance.

thap thimp kwarp red rubies
Thap Thim Kwarp (Red Rubies) (185 php)
The Thap Thim Kwarp or popularly known as Red Rubies are ruby red water chestnuts on shaved ice and coconut cream.  Though the taste is quite discreet, I enjoyed the naturally sweet water chestnuts that has a sensational crunch to it.

lemongrass juice pandan juice
Lemongrass Juice (80 php) and Pandan Juice (80 php)
The Lemongrass Juice had a light and neutral taste.  On the other hand, the Pandan Juice is richer and sweeter.


simply thai
Our visit was during a Monday night but the al fresco and bar area is a bit crowded.  We were intrigued to try it out so after our meal, we sat on their tall white stools.

We made it just in time to try their new bottomless cocktail promo for only 299 php.  

thai milk tea blue day simply thai punch
Thai Milk Green Tea (120 php), Blue Day (299 php) and  ♥ Simply Thai Punch (299 php)
Thai Cocktails
The Simply Thai Punch is a rum based concoction with citrus and apple.  I had to admit, I'm not inclined towards alcohol but this drink is deliciously sweet and light dominantly of orange juice.  I actually loved it.

On the other hand, I felt the an instantaneous warmth from my mouth towards my throat as I took a sip upon the Blue Day.  It was a stronger drink of orange vodka with blue curacao.  

Other Beverage
Satisfied with my tasting portions of cocktails, I quickly stopped myself as I remembered that I had an exam the next day.  Knowing how poorly I could handle alcohol, I ordered an alcohol-free Thai Milk Green Tea while my companions enjoyed their drinks.  It was a fragrant tea drink that's gets better in every sip.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Simply Thai offers a unique twist of contemporary Thai meals and drinks.  Regardless whether you want it indoor, al fresco and on the bar even, you'll be fascinated by its beautiful interiors.  The portions are not suggested for sharing but the pricing is manageable considering the ambiance and the area.

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Simply Thai
Business Address G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St. Ayala Center,
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-12mn
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 729-0860
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