Cafe Adriatico: Celebrating 114th Philippine Independence and Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival

Cafe Adriatico is the flagship of LJC Restaurant Group which includes Bistro Remedios, Cafe Havana, Abe, Fely J's Kitchen, Abe's Farm, Lorenzo's Way, Larry's Cafe and Bar and Abe's Farm.  

Since Cafe Adriatico opened in 1979, it has been a major landmark in Malate where artists, famous designers, box-office movie stars, government officials and reporters hang out until the wee hours in the morning.  

cafe adriatico

cafe adriatico
Cafe Adriatico is a two-storey cafe right at the center of Remedios Circle.  Through the years, it has never failed to enchant its diners with its unique oldish charm.

Cafe Adriatico has a full menu of Spanish-Mediterranean dishes, salads, sandwiches, omelets and fondues.  For the Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival, Cafe Adriatico features the following dishes:
  • Lengia Estufada
  • Beef Salpicao
  • Callos
  • Paksiw na Plapla
  • Suman sa Lihiya
  • Arrozcaldo
  • Dinuguan at Puto
  • Filipino Breakfast Choices
In addition, here are the special dishes which we tried.. 

Afternoon Delights
famous pancit palabok
Famous Pancit Palabok (245 php)
The Famous Pancit Palabok is cooked traditionally with shrimp, squid, pork crackling and hard-boiled egg.  It had the perfect blend that makes one eat it without stopping.

tsokolate eh
 Tsokolate Eh! (295 php)
tsokolate eh
Cooking the Tsokolate Eh! 
suman served with the Tsokolate Eh! 
The Tsokolate Eh! is served with suman and mango slices.  The suman is deliciously soft and moist.  It was perfect with the rich and thick Tsokolate Eh!  Cafe Adriatico prides itself in serving a Tsokolate Eh! patterned after the thick hot Spanish chocolate which Padre Salvi, one of the lead characters in Jose Rizal's "Noli me Tangere", favored.  It was so rich that during the Spanish era, only the elite were fortunate to be served one.  For the faint at heart, they also have the Tsokolate Ah! which is a watered down version of Tsokolate Eh!

All Time Cafe Favorites

lola isings adobo
  Lola Ising's Adobo (435 php)
Lola Ising's Adobo is fried adobo belly cooked until dry and laid on a bed of adobo rice.  I enjoyed the boldness of flavor enhanced by the garlic cloves and the slight crispiness followed by tenderness in texture of this dish.  This is one of the best version's of adobo that I have ever tried.  

knockout knuckles
  Knockout Knuckles (595 php)
The Knockout Knuckles is our classic Filipino favorite Crispy Pata. Their recipe goes way back with LJC Group's Ang Hang Restaurant.  In 1989, Ms. Madhur Jaffrey, a well-known food writer and expert on Asian cooking, included in her book Eastern Cookery as quoted "During my last few trips to the Philippines, I had some of the best food in Manila at Ang Hang Restaurant.  One of the specialties was this dish.  The meat is juicy and tender and the skin is crackling crisp.  My children declared that was the best pork they ever tasted."  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Years of experience and dedication guarantees Cafe Adriatico's food quality.  The place offers a unique artistic and tranquil ambiance with an oldish charm granted during Malate's golden ages, the time of Bohemian Brews.  The place is not only cozy, it is also open 24 hours a day which makes it almost a second home to anyone. 

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Cafe Adriatico Malate
Business Address
1790 M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle,
Malate, Manila
Business Hours 24 Hours
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 200-500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 738-8220 / (02) 514-2255
Other  Website | Facebook Fan Page
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