Saint's Alp Tea House: Our New Favorite Hang Out

After a satisfying dinner at Basty's (see separate entry) at Fort Bonifacio Global City, my little sister has this enthusiasm over a new milk tea place she has heard about named "Saint's Alp Tea House".  We didn't even know where it was so I had to phone fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt to find where it is.   

saint's alp tea house
After a few blocks, we finally reached Saint's Alp Tea House with a peculiar foot logo.  The foot sign is similar to those of Chinese reflexologists don't you agree? =p  The ambiance is modern and cozy.

After our memorable first visit, we came back several times... often enough to complete two frequency cards in a month. @_@  It became our favorite hang out place whenever in the area.  We even had a causal bonding time with my cousins there.  My cousin wondered what the foot logo meant so we asked the kind staff.  She told us that it is based on a legend.  So, I did my research and it turns out that  "Saint’s Alp originated from a famous resort “Xian Ji Yan” in Taipei where the legendary Lu Dong Bin, one of the eight immortals of Chinese mythology, once visited the place and left a footprint on a piece of rock there."  

Saint's Alp Tea House allows drinks to be adjusted to your preferred sugar level.  I usually have mine at around 25% to 50%.  So, here are some of the drinks I've tried...

blueberry double chocolate
Blueberry Double Chocolate (130 php)
The Blueberry Double Chocolate is a delicious blueberry sorbet with chocolate chips and bits.  This is very refreshing to drink especially if you enjoy the distinct tangy taste of blueberry like I do.

White Moustache
green tea moustache
♥ Matcha White Moustache (140 php)
The Matcha White Moustache is a fragrant matcha topped with a thick layer of salted whipped cream.    This is heavenly!  I love that its ice blended similar to the sorbet.  I enjoyed every single sip of this! =D

choco mint delight
Choco Mint Delight (130 php)
The Choco Mint Delight is minty cool with chocolate bits.  

Frothy Tea
green tea with matcha agar
♥ Green Tea with Milk and MatchaAgar (105 php)
The Green Tea with Milk and MatchaAgar is delightful.  We all loved the strong and fragrant taste of green tea that Saint's Alp Tea House offers.  Although the menu says it comes with tapioca pearls, the staffs let us choose with toppings we want.  The Agar are tiny cubes of jelly that is so fun to chew.    

coconut milk tea
♥ Hot Coconut Milk Tea with CoffeeAgar (110 php)
The Hot Coconut Milk Tea with CoffeeAgar is a new flavor to try.  The coconut milk amazingly complement the tea taste.  The CoffeeAgar was a great add-on for this.  

black tea with pearls
Coconut Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearl (110 php) 
Oh... We were just curious if the coconut milk tea will do better in hot or cold so we also tried it in cold.    Well, I find it better when its hot.  =)

Coffee & Agaragar
matcha aulait with matcha agar
Matcha Aulait with MatchaAgar R (140 php)
I was supposed to order the Matcha Nature with MatchaAgar but the cashier suggested that I try the Matcha Aulait with MatchaAgar instead since it is one of their best sellers.  I took her advise.  Upon first sip, I felt a sappy feeling with my drink.  Although the taste of the matcha is aromatic and delicious and the matchaAgar was likewise, the sappiness was a bit overwhelming.  Is drink suppose to be like this?

Update:  During my recent visit, got to try the Almond Milk Tea (Black) and Green Tea Toast.  They were good too! =D

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Saint's Alp Tea House is one of the best tea houses in the Metro!  I'm so glad it has finally arrived here in the Philippines.  If you really want to appreciate the flavor subtleties of tea then Saint's Alp Tea House is the place to go.  The other selections like the Sorbies and the Glacemint are also enjoyable.  For the coffee, the sugar and creamer are already prepared even for hot drinks.  Well, I still prefer to make my own blend.  The staffs are all very nice and friendly!  They had the patience to guide us through our orders and making certain adjustments even as they were preparing it.  

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Saint's Alp Tea House
Business Address Unit 6, Forbeswood Parklane Strip
Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 478-7135
Other  Email: Email: Facebook Fan Page | Website
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