Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss: Freshly Made Japanese Noodle and More! (Closed Due to Relocation)

We have passed by Moshi Koshi countless of times but never had the opportunity to dine in.  So, we I was invited by Openrice, I just had to say yes!  I brought my little sister along because she was a better critic than me and it was near her school.  

moshi koshi

moshi koshi
Moshi Koshi had a modern minimalistic interiors.  It was well-lit and clean.  The Japanese influence was visible with the brush-written Japanese characters on a wooden plate plastered on its walls and  wooden fixtures.  Japanese songs were also being played.  

moshi koshi
Moshi Koshi adopts a pay-as-you-order system.  They have their large menu just by the counter so you can select.

moshi koshi
Moshi Koshi adopts an open kitchen set-up that allows you to watch as the chefs prepare your order.  Unfortunately, I was not able to witness the noodle-making process. 

According to the flyer passed around us after we ate, "Koshi is the sweet taste of a noodle that is tender and chewy, firm but not hard, with resistance to bite."

The problem with our dining set up that day was that all the food was served all at once.  So, I feel that we might have missed the "Koshi" moment for some of the dishes and so I hope you understand if I will refrain from focusing on their texture as sharing them with you will do no justice for the establishment.    

UPDATE: Check my second post for a more accurate and updated review.

shoyu ramen
 Shoyu Ramen (185 php)
The Shoyu Ramen is a clear soy-based soup that is topped with bamboo, naruto (fish cake), prok and kuchay.  The flavor is just right.  Every slurp was enjoyable.  My sister and I both agreed that this is delicious!

miso ramen
Miso Ramen (220 php)
The Miso Ramen was a bit salty for our taste.

tempura soba
Tempura Soba (160 php)
The Tempura Soba is buckwheat noodles topped with 2 pieces of ebi tempura.  We didn't get to taste this while warm so I feel that I should just try this again next time to enjoy the "Koshi" of the buckwheat noodles.  The broth is not as tasty as the others but it is also good.

kaki-age udon
 Kaki-age Udon (140 php)
My favorite noodle soup for the night was the Kaki-age Udon.  Kaki-age is a tempura made with vegetable strips such as in this case, carrots and onions.  It was topped with corn, carrots and leeks.  I had fun with the chewing sensations of the crunchy Kaki-age and the corn kernels.  It was also sweet and flavorful.

miku udon
Niku Udon ( 160 php)
Unfortunately, I was not able to try the Niku Udon.  

Noodles from the Pan
 Yakisoba (140 php)
The Yakisoba is delicious!  The taste and the texture is perfect!  

Yakiudon (130 php)
Likewise, the Yakiudon was also great! Despite being thicker, it was also soft, chewy and in a sweet state.

If you think that Moshi Koshi is only about noodles, for sure the Donburi will prove to you otherwise...

gyudon classic
 Gyudon Classic (180 php)
I loved the Gyudon Classic.  Although I've eaten gyudon, my favorite Japanese dish,  this is my first time to encounter one with tofu and noodles.  It was amazingly good!  The beef was also tender and succulent.  I shall order this again when I come back.

 Oyakodon (150 php)
I've never appreciated the Oyakodon until I've tried Moshi Koshi's.  The silky feel of the egg, the tender chicken cubes, sweet onions,  and the balanced flavors of the soy and mirin made me a fan.

katsu curry
Katsu Curry (270 php)
All my companions were raving about the Katsu Curry.  But, I did not enjoy of its lingering sour taste.  I prefer it with a stronger Japanese curry flavor which I've grown accustomed to.

mix tempura
 Mix Tempura (175 php)
The  Mix Tempura is served with rice and Miso Soup.  The Mix Tempura is composed of a Kara-age, Kaki-age, Ebi tempura and a Potato salad.  The Kara-age is very good!  Every bite of its crunchy batter followed by the tender juicy chicken meat is gratifying.  The Ebi Tempura and the Kaki-age is also also very good.  It is probably the best I've tried within the same price range.  One should never miss the Potato Salad.  It is really good!

shogoyaki bento
Bento Box
shogoyaki bento
Shogoyaki Bento (180 php)
Unfortunately, I was not able to try the Shogoyaki Bento.  But, I'm sharing what it looks like anyway. =) It contains four special sidings, rice and Miso Soup.

Gyoza (80 php)
The Gyoza looks good doesn't it?  Too bad I didn't get to taste this too. =p

potato salad
 Potato Salad (45 php)
An extra order of Potato Salad?  Yes, please!  Everyone wanted to dig into this!  It was that good. =D

Ice Cream
Finally, my favorite dessert... Ice Cream!

home made ice cream
Coffee Ice Cream  and  Green Tea Ice Cream (55 php/cup)
I was overjoyed when I saw their ice cream were served in large cups.  At 55 php, it was really afforable!  For the Coffee Ice Cream, the bitterness of the coffee was masked in the sweetness of the ice cream so that it had a sweet mocha taste.  On the other hand, the Green Tea Ice Cream allows you to really taste the distinct bitterness of the green tea blended perfectly with the natural sweetness of ice cream.  I prefer the Green Tea Ice Cream.  It's a good idea for them to offer two flavors so diners can choose which one suites them better. =)

Update: (April 1, 2013) This branch is closed.  They have branches in Market Market and Robinsons Galleria. 

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Moshi Koshi offers freshly made Japanese noodle and delectable rice dishes.  The waiters were keen and responsive.  It has a modern and clean ambiance perfect for a quick casual dining.  Overall, we look forward to enjoying another bowl of hot noodles with "Koshi" at Moshi Koshi again.

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Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss
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Business Hours 10am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
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Budget/Person 140-300
Contact (02) 726-0575 (72-MOSHI)
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