Order All You Can Lunch at Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi (Closed)

I was so pleased with my first visit at Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi that I decided to bring our family along to share the experience.  I was surprised that the eat all you can menu was revised since my last visit at Matsuri.
matsuri japanese eat all you can
Although it was lunch time, the place had a lot of customers so we were assigned to the second floor.  Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi has a cozy dimly lit dining ambiance with a bar because it offers drinks at night.  It has a humble and homey interior with its woven chair and wooden tables.  Along with its order-all-you-can type of eat-all-you-can, you can really just relax and enjoy your meal.  

assorted sashimi
Kani, TamagoSalmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi
Our sashimi orders came in a mixed platter.   What's important in a Sashimi is its freshness.  You can tell by the beautiful color of their Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi that they serve them fresh.  The Salmon Sashimi was so fresh and tasty that we had to call for an additional order twice.  The Kani is no longer included in the eat-all-you-can so you have to order it via ala carte.  
spicy tuna sashimi
Spicy Tuna Sashimi
The Spicy Tuna Sashimi was so so.  It was good enough to appreciate but nothing special.  Their version is mild for my taste.

philadelphia roll futo maki
Philadelphia Roll (Farther Middle ) Futo Maki (Front Right)
We ordered a mix platter of their Makimono.  Sadly, I'm not familiar with all their names.  I liked the Phildelphia Roll because its salmon and cream cheese.  I always liked the combination.  

matsuri salad
Matsuri Salad
Despite its lack in presentation, the Matsuri Salad is delicious.  If you just dig over to what's under the lettuce leaves, the Matsuri Salad actually has a lot of ingredients such as strawberry, blueberry, sliced apples, orange and slivered almonds.  All of that plus a Hachimitzu Balsamic Vinaigrette gives of the a fragrant and tasty salad.  I really enjoyed the apple bits and slivered almonds.

miso soup
Miso Soup
Although nothing special with the Miso Soup, its nice and comforting to drink with its soft tofu and wakame seaweeds.  We always order this whenever we dine at Japanese restaurants and this was not an exception.
chawan mushi
Chawan Mushi
Unlike other Chawan Mushi that was usually chicken flavored, their version tasted like seafood.  It had mushroom bits inside and it was topped with green onions.  I love Chawan Mushi.  I wish Kurt can make this as much as I wanted but he's stopped cooking for quite a long time now. =(

 tofu steak
Tofu Steak
The Tofu Steak is tofu with crispy batter and a sweet sauce.  It was okay since it the sweet taste and the plain tofu taste was a good contrast with each other.  The tofu was soft but it felt a bit rough because of the batter.

chicken teriyaki asian pesto sauce
Chicken Teriyaki with Asian Pesto Sauce
The Chicken Teriyaki with Asian Pesto Sauce is a unique twist to Chicken Teriyaki.  Other than tasting the traditional sweet teriyaki sauce, the hint of asian pesto sauce add flavor and fragrance to the dish.
creamy chicken mushroom ragout
Creamy Chicken Mushroom Ragout
The Creamy Chicken Mushroom Ragout was a new dish for me.  It was very flavorful with its rich thick brown cream sauce.  I love that it had chunks of saucy mushroom which made it fun to it together with the chicken strips.

chicken teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki
Their Chicken Teriyaki was soft and tender but nothing special in taste.  My 3-year-old nephew love this though.  This was the only dish he ordered and he finished this on his own.

kani bacon maki teriyaki asparagus
Kani Bacon Maki Teriyaki and Aspara Bacon Maki Teriyaki
The Kani Bacon Maki Teriyaki and the Aspara Bacon Maki Teriyaki were similar except for the prior is crabstick while the latter is asparagus wrapped in bacon with teriyaki sauce.  I prefer the asparagus because it was a better contrast to the strong meaty smoked flavor of the bacon and it was crunchier too.

Tempura and Agemono
ushi ebi tempura
Ushi Ebi Tempura
Their Ushi Ebi Tempura is not exactly as large as tiger prawns should be but it was fresh,  soft, tender and juicy.  It was flavorful together with their garlic tempura sauce.

The Tonkatsu was soft despite being dry.  The sauce was sweet and it gave flavor to the breaded port cutlets.  It was just okay.

mixed kamameshi
Mixed Kamameshi 
Mastsuri's Mixed Kamameshi has improved since my last visit.  The cooking time was perfectly done so the rice was not so wet and it was very fragrant.  Although it was sweet in taste, it was not to sweet and they offered a generous amount of beef and vegetables.

muscavado vanilla bean creme brulee
Muscovado and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee
Their Muscovado and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee has also improved since my last visit.  Before it looked so pale and uncooked, now we can all see that the top creme was burnt just right.  The texture is pretty good and the sweetness was perfect.  We all enjoyed this.

chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
I also had their Chocolate Ice Cream.  I love ice cream and always want to eat one whenever I could.  =)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi offers a unique concept of eat-all-you-can wherein you can just sit back and relax and order all you want.  It's the perfect place to spend the time bonding with family and friends because all of you can eat and stay for long hours and enjoy all the food you want without having to stand up like in a buffet style.  If you know what to order, you can have a satisfying meal.   The eat-all-you can price is actually quite reasonable, as they have included expensive dishes such as Salmon Sashimi, Ushi Ebi Tempura and more into the menu.  For that reason, we think Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi is worth a try!  We'd also like to note that the manager and servers of Matsuri are very kind and friendly and the service is really good!

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Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi Menu 
Eat All You Can Menu

Matsuri Japanese Grill and Sushi 
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