Southbank Cafe + Lounge: Superb Melbourne-Inspired Dishes and the Best Coffee (West Gate Alabang)

Residing in Manila has limited our foodie exploration around Alabang.  In fact, our rarity in the area is evident by our number of Alabang posts.  So, we're happy to share the our latest discovery in the area called Southbank Cafe + Lounge

Southbank Cafe + Lounge
Yes, we traveled all the way to the South because there is no existing food establishment in the Metro Manila area yet like Southbank.

Southbank Cafe + Lounge
The long operating hours of Southbank Cafe + Lounge from 7 am until 1 am is complemented by its versatile and expansive food and drink offerings.  As a Melbourne-inspired food establishment, Southbank seeks to be the melting pot of cuisines and drinks.

victoria adruino
Southbank's coffee concoctions are produced using Victoria Adruino espresso machine and hot air roasted beans of Allpress Espress (quality coffee branch from New Zealand since 1989).  It is proudly the first cafe to offer Allpress Espresso.

southbank bar alabang
It also offers cocktails and wines. 



allpress mocha
Mocha (190 php)
Fellow coffee enthusiast, we highly recommend Southbank's  premium bold and flavorful coffee.  We tried the Mocha which was by far the best one we've tried yet!

Cold Drink (with Vanilla Ice Cream)
allpress iced coffeeplastic free straw

Iced Coffee (190 php)
Another must try is its Iced Coffee that comes with Vanilla Ice Cream with milk chocolate bits.  Its amazing how the coffee maintains its richness despite the ice and ice cream.  We'd say its even stronger in flavor than other cold brew brands we've tried.  It's also a plus that it used plastic free straws which are made of 100% biodegradable PLA cornstarch which decomposes after 200 days.

All Day Menu

classic french toast
Classic French Toast (370 php)

Southbank's french toast isn't just savy with all the colorful dusts and edible flowers, it is also so delicious that all my companions preferred this over pancakes.  It was an interesting discovery for us that whipped ricotta adds a complementing creamy texture and wholesome flavor to the Classic French Toast.
Croquettes (350 php)

We've always been a fan of croquettesWe loved Southbank's version comes with  potato, cheese, sous-vide egg and roasted capsicum.

Southbank Pancakes (390 php)
The Southbank Pancakes comes with mixed berries jelly.   You'll love this if you enjoy berries with maple syrup.

ricotta salad
Ricotta Salad (390 php)
The Ricotta Salad is rich and fresh.  Thus, it delivers a perfect combination of  pleasure and healthy eating.

southbank burger
Southbank Burger (580 php)
The juicy 100% beef patty and the truffle mayo for us was the winning factor that made the Southbank Burger as our top choice amongst the dishes we tried.

squid ink pasta
Squid Ink Pasta (450 php)
The Squid Ink Pasta was another amazing dish to try.  There's a lot of things going on with this pasta dish like some tinge of spiciness, zesty cheese and tangy tomato sauce and they all worked wonderfully well with the squid ink capellini. 

tiger prawn risotto
Tiger Prawn Risotto (580 php)

The Tiger Prawn Risotto is a medley of all our favorites: prawn thermidore, mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes so it was instant love upon first taste.  When it comes to risotto, another essential factor is the texture.  As you can see, it is creamy and the rice isn't too sticky, heavy or mushy so it was pleasurable to eat.

salmon aburri bowl
Salmon Aburi Bowl (620 php)
At its price point, we could compare Southbank's Salmon Aburi Bowl with Your Local's famous Torched Salmon Donburi.  Quite frankly, we love this better!

hickory bbq pork belly bowl
Hickory BBQ Pork Belly Bowl (420 php)
The Hickory BBQ Pork Belly Bowl is so tender and deliciously smoky and sweet.  This is a great comforting meal. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Southerners are surely lucky to have Southbank Cafe + Lounge just around the neighborhood.  We'd definitely love to have some of the food and coffee as much as we can.  Aside from having one of the best coffee we've had, Southbank also offers free WiFi and power outlets which makes it our ideal work station.  For those who aren't from the South, we still recommend Southbank for your foodie exploration.  It is definitely worth the trip especially if you haven't been to Melbourne or can't afford the average dish rate in Melbourne pegged at around 20 USD per meal. 

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Southbank Cafe + Lounge
Business Address Central Plaza, Westgate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa CIty, Philippines
Business Hours 7am-1am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-1,500
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (0916) 247-8516

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