Falafel Yo!: Legit Israeli Falafel & Salad Bar is Now Open (Greenbelt 3 Makati)

There are only a few places in the Metro where you can grab some falafel.  So I was so excited for the grand opening of Falafel Yo! Israeli Falafel & Salad Bar.

falafel yo
Falafel Yo is located at the 4th floor of Greenbelt 3 making it the ideal pre-movie meal or movie snack.

falafel yo
Falafel Yo! aims to preserve traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation.

falafel yo
After paying at the counter, you will be given this thing so you can be buzzed when you're falafel is ready.

falafel yo
Tip: If you're very picky with ingredients, kindly advise the cashier to buzz you before preparation so you can instruct them on what to put in.

falafel yo
Don't worry about the Roasted Green Chili, they put it on top so you can just remove it.

falafel yo
So here's my falafel ready to go.

falafel yo
If you don't go to the counter before preparation, you're falafel will be waiting for you by the counter like this.  I actually ordered two: 1 Falafel and 1 Falafelito.

falafel yo
Falafel Yo! (159 php)
Falafel Yo! made me dig deeper into falafels because this is the first time I've heard of Israeli falafel.  Sure, I've had falafels before but I had no idea that each country in the Middle East has its own take on how to cook it just like the shawarma.  In fact, it has been considered as the national dish of Egypt, Palestine and Israel.

falafel yo
Falafelito (99 php) and Falafel Yo! (159 php)

Fun Fact: Did you know that in Egypt, they use Fava Beans on their falafel?  On the other hand, most middle eastern countries like Israel use Chickpeas.

The Falafelito only has 3 falafel balls and occupies only half of the pita bread.  You can have this for snack.  While with the Falafel Yo! has 6 falafel balls.  This is a meal in itself.  

I want to try the Falafel Beast with beef next time.

falafel yo
Falafel Yo! (159 php)

Wow to my surprise, the Falafel Yo! is really heavy!  But, it was so good I couldn't help but finish it to the last bite.  What I like about their sandwiches is that they have Fried Eggplant, Homemade Hummus, Sumac (pickled onions), Roasted Green Chillies, Sour Cabbage, Coleslaw Salad, Chopped Salad and Tunisian Salad.  And, they also have a 2 kinds of special dips: amba - sour yellow sauce, made of mango, cumin and tumeric and tahini - mix of sesame seeds, coriander and parsley.

lemongrass juice
Lemongrass Juice Large (105 php)
I found the Lemongrass Juice to be a bit too sweet for me.  The sweetness together with the lemongrass bits made it a bit difficult to gulp down the throat.  Perhaps, more ice would have improved the balance of this drink.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I don't think you can grab a superb Israeli falafel other than Falafel Yo!  I'll definitely come back for more.  And I'm sure that if  I'm watching a movie at Greenbelt 3, this will be my choice for meal or snack.  Can't wait for their other branches!

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Falafel Yo! Menu
Ambiance Falafel | Beverages
=Favorites or Recommended 
Falafel Yo!
Business Address Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi Yes (Ayala Mall WiFi)
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Bollywood Treats: Affordable Authentic Indian Cuisine For Vegan and Non-Vegans (Century Mall Makati)

There are only a few places in Metro Manila especially in Makati City that serves Indian food and Vegan food alike so I was quite excited to discover Bollywood Treats at the lower ground floor of Century Mall

bollywood treats
Unlike other stalls, it offers a very homey and simple vibe.

bollywood treats
I think that's nice because when I'm taking a break from work, the best ambiance I'd wish for is one that is close to home.

bollywood treats
Samosa (Vegan) (2 for 70 php)
Not only does Bollywood Treats offer Vegan selections, they offer them at a very low price!  Their Samosa is only 35 php per piece when you order by twos.

chicken roti roll
Chicken Roti Roll (Shawarma) (60 php)
I didn't know that Indian Cuisine has its version of shawarma.  The Chicken Roti Roll is best eaten when hot and fresh.
bollywood treats
Non-Vegan Sample Platter (Single for 195 php)

If you want to try most items on their menu, go for their Sample Platter.  There are two versions of this: Vegan and Non-Vegan.  I chose the Non-Vegan which comes with Chicken Curry, BBQ Chicken, Beef Kebab or Beef Curry, Keema and Rice. 

Vegan/Vegeterian Menu
Baingan (Indian Eggplant) (40 php)
Looking for an affordable healthy side dish?  The Baingan is a great choice.

bollywood treats century mall
Vegetarian Sample Platter (Single for 145 php)
My friends enjoyed their
Vegetarian Sample Platter with Chole, Dal and Rice.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
With Bollywood Treats, you can now enjoy an authentic Indian, healthy, hearty and even Vegan-friendly meals.  The price is way cheaper than most meals served in the food courts along Makati.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Bollywood Treats Menu
Ambiance Vegan Menu | Menu | Menu 2
=Favorites or Recommended 
Bollywood Treats
Business Address Lower Ground Floor, Century Mall
Kalayaan Avenue Corner Salamanca Street, Poblacion, Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 60-200
Free WiFi No


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Buendia Food By the Court (BFBTC): Extensive Food Park Options (Makati) (Part 2)

There are so many food merchants in Buendia Food By the Court (BFBTC) that I've decided to make them into two posts.  Check out part 1 here.

little kodo
Little Kodo
When craving for affordable Japanese favorites, Little Kodo is your food stop.

little kodo
Little Kodo Menu
From light snacks like Gyoza to heavy Katsu Bento Meals, they have it all.

Takoyaki (70 php)
Check out their Takoyaki with lots filled with nutritious ingredients.

little kodo
Gyoza and California Maki

Ramen (150 php)

On a rainy day, have some Ramen to comfort you.

katsu bento meal
Katsu Bento Meal (175 php)
For hefty eaters, this Katsu Bento Meal will surely satisfy you.

mad subs
Mad Subs
Ever tried Japanese-American subs? 

mad subs
Well, Mad Subs has these unqiue and creative subs for you to try.

mad subs
They also allow DIY!

paella valenciana
Pappi Boy’s Spanish Cocina Paella Valenciana
There aren't a lot of place where you can enjoy a good paella.  If you're craving for one, look no further as Pappi Boy’s Spanish Cocina has serves Paella Valenciana and Paella Negra in individual portions for only 150 php.

Pappi Boy’s Spanish Cocina Lengua
The Lengua is also a must try!

shangkee buns
Shangkee Buns' Crispy Chicken
pork belly cua pao
Shangkee Buns' Crispy Chicken Classic Pork Belly
Revolutionizing Cua Paos, Shangkee Buns variants such as Pulled Pork, Crispy Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, Peppery Beef and All-American will intrigue your palette. 

rj bowl gogi
Rj's Bowl-Gogi

rj bowlgogi menu
Rj's Bowl-Gogi Menu

Rj's Bowl-Gogi Korean specialties such as Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibimbap and Bulgogi is another great meal option.

Even those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine will find this orientation to the cuisine fun and exciting.

rojak salad
Rojak Salad

rojak salad
Rojak Salad
I was surprised that theirs a stall offering Rojak Salad.  It is a mixture of fruits and vegetable with sweet peanuty palm dressing.  It was definitely something new for me.

rouche grill
Rouche Grille

sausage party
Sausage Party Menu
sausage platter
Sausage Platter

sausage in a bun
Sausage in a Bun
Enjoy Sausages by itself with the Sausage Platter or Sausage in a Bun.

shrimpers list
Shrimper's List

shrimpers list
Shrimper's List Menu

salted egg prawns
Salted Egg Prawns
One of my favorite is the Salted Egg Prawns.

Sinigang Fried Rice
The Sinigang Fried Rice is also amazing!

tapa addiction
Tapa Addiction

tapa addiction
Tapa Super Rice Bowl

tapa addiction
Tapa Carbonara
More than your usual Tapsilog, Tapa Addiction uses its award-winning tapa in all sorts of dishes from pasta to rice bowls.

XOXO Waffle Frosts
For those who have sweet tooth or craving for sweet-enders, XOXO Waffle Frosts is there to fulfill your desire.

brothers blends
Brothers Blends
Although Ice Cold is one of the popular stops for alcholohic beverages, you can opt for a healthier choice with Brothers Blends.

brothers blends
Aside from healthy fruit juices, they also have coffee...

brothers blends
and froyo.

So from snacks to meals to sweet-enders and sinful and healthy drinks, just take your pick cause Buendia Food by the Court has it all!

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Buendia Food by the Court (BFBTC): Food Park and Basketball Court in Makati (Part 1)

In the busy and congested city of Makati, there is a one of a kind hangout place called Buendia Food by the Court (BFBTC) that combines an extensive food park with 27 food merchants and a basketball court.

Buendia Food by the Court
I heard the basket ball court is so popular that even at the rate of 1,100 php per hour, the booking is full 3 months ahead.  The basketball is open everyday from 7 pm until 12 midnight.  While the food merchants operate from 5 pm- 12 mn on Mondays to Sundays.  Some merchants extend their time until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

bakmi nyonya
Bakmi Nonya Autthentic Indonesian Cuisine
All the food merchants have different dishes to offer which include international cuisines.  And, the price per meal will cost you not more than 150 php.

doss pares
Doss Pares
doss pares
Doss Pares

grilled squid
Grilled Squid
What I love about BFBTC aside from having a roofed and spacious dining area is that the dishes are served hot. 

sizzling balut
Sizzling Balut
Doss Pares even serves their dishes on sizzling plates.

burger meets wings bmw
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW)
burger meets wings bmw
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW) Menu
The food merchants are very creative with their menu items.  Some even allows customization.

burger meets wings bmw
(by order)

burger meets wings bmw
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW) even allows you to choose the color of your buns.


fritooohhh menu
Frit.oohhh! Menu
Frit.oohhh! offers familar favorites. 

But, they also have new offerings like the Wasabe Balls.

Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen
Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen
j&v lechon belly
J&V Lechon Belly
Because the BFBTC is a refuge from a hard days' work, heavy traffic or even the strong rains, the food served is mostly comfort food that is perfect as a beer pairing.  

cebu lechon belly roll
Cebu Lechon Belly Roll

jacks joint
Jack's Joint

jacks joint
Jack's Joint Menu

jacks joint
I've previously shared about Jack's Joint.

jacks joint
I'm so happy to see that they participate in food parks as well.

joes longga

joes longga
Joe's Menu
At Joe's you can enjoy your breakfast favorites all day long.

2 pc. Longannisa with Rice and Egg (150 php)
longga balls
Cheesy Longga Balls  5 pcs (160 php)
Too bad I forgot to try the Cheesy Longga Balls.  I have to be back for this because I find it intriguing.

keso kumpadre
Keso Kumpadre

keso kumpadre
Keso Kumpadre Menu

keso kumpadre
Nacho Fries
keso kumpadre
Buffalo Fries
Keso Kumpadre offers addictively good fries!  But, I liked their warm, hot and gooey Cheesy Bacon Marbled Potato more.

Lamexa's Street Taco

Korvits Grill
Growing up in the province, eating kambing has been a norm.  Well Korvits Grill has a whole range of kambing dishes to try!

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