Munch Manila Food Park At SM Manila and Food Snaps Instagram Photography Session

I really like going to food parks because it offers a great variety.  But, the summer heat is keeping me from preferring to go outdoors.  If you hate the heat just like I do, then I've got good news for you.  Cause there's a new food park in town called Munch Manila and it's right at the center of SM Manila

munch manila food park at sm manila
From May 26 to June 12, 2017, you can enjoy affordable food treats, acoustic performances from Agsunta (May 29), BEN X BEN (June 3), and DMTRio (June 4), spoken word poetry (every night at 7 pm) and a one-day only food snaps event on instagram photography (June 4).

Food Selections
munch manila food park at sm manila
Candy Up Cotton Candy
Starting with the most popular booth, Candy Up Cotton Candy.

munch manila food park at sm manila
Their Minion Cotton Candy is so adorable!

cotton candy
I want to give one of these to my mom sometime.

manang joy
Manang Joy
 I could not imagine, there could be so many kinds of empanada meals to choose from.

manang joy
But, I noticed the classic is still the best-seller.

big j
Big J

Big J's Sausages are also a hit on on-the-goers.

I've shared about 8 Street Bites here and here before. 

buffalo wings n things
And, need I say more for the famous Buffalo's Wings N' Things?

mad for pizza
Mad for Pizza offers a steal deal with its Buy 1 Take 1.

Drink Selections
lucines lemonade

farrons cafe

Food Snaps
jerro gourmanila
The best part of my visit is being able to participate in the Food Snaps Event where Jerro of Gourmanila taught us some flatlay and other IG photography tips and tricks.  It was really excited for this because this is my first time ever to learn something about instagram photography.  I hope I can apply them so my feed will improve.  (#feedgoals)

 Check out this video for a teaser. =)

My Flatlays
tsinoyfoodies instagram
If you're one of my followers on my IG account @tsinoyfoodies, this is the flatlay entry I posted.  But, there's just so many amazing participants that this was absolutely no match.

flatlay by tsinoyfoodies
This is my second attempt but wasn't able to submit this on time.

Overall, it was a fun experience!  I really learned a lot!  Shout out to my table munch mates, @tavanching (I see myself a lot in this kid who loves food and dreams of being a CPA someday) and fellow blogger @Somethingbyrayrose.  And, biggest thanks to @SMCityManilaOfficial for the free photography session and all the food during the session.  

Remember, you guys can still drop and chill  until June 12, 2017.  I'm also hoping to be back so see you around!

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