Macao Imperial Tea: Instagrammable Couple Teas and Rainbow Colored Sodas (Now Open in Banawe)

I first spotted Macao Imperial Tea being constructed when we dined at Shabu Shabu Ichiban in Circuit Makati.  To my surprise, they have another one in Banawe (right in front of Eng Ho) and I was so fortunate to be invited to its grand opening!

macao imperial tea banawe
Yey! Finally, Macao Imperial Tea with over 200 branches in Macau, Vietnam, China (Shandong, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Juangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Anhui and Guizhou) United States and Canada is finally here in the Philippines.

macao imperial tea banawe
 The store in Banawe is so spacious with an al fresco and cozy indoor area.

macao imperial tea banawe
I just love its interiors.

macao imperial tea banawe
I highly recommend this as a student study area and work area.  It is so comfortable, private and more importantly, there are power outlets for each table.

macao imperial tea banawe
I initially thought that they were all about drinks.  But, turns out that they have food too.

apple pie
I heard the Apple Pie and Chocolate Lava Cake is good.  But, I didn't get to try those.

macao imperial tea
Chocolate Dome Cake (120 php), Marshmallow Chocolate Cake (120 php), Kitten Milk Tea (130 php) and Walnut Black Sesame Fresh Milk (160 php)

Instead, this is what I had.

chocolate dome cake
Chocolate Dome Cake (120 php)

The Chocolate Dome Cake is really good!  It was rich and bitter sweet.

marshmallow chocolate cake
Marshmallow Chocolate Cake (120 php)

I really had no idea what I was thinking by ordering two kinds of chocolate cakes.  But, it made me realize that I liked the Chocolate Dome Cake better because it was richer.  But, the Marshmallow Chocolate Cake offered smooth mallow icing and some chocolate chunks which made it a bit interesting and worth a try.


Special Drinks (served hot)
Kitten Milk Tea (130 php)
The special feature of the Kitten Milk Tea is that it comes with a cute kitten paw marshmallow that melts and expands and then vanishes.  I didn't get to take a photo of the expanded version because by some unfortunate circumstance, it got knocked off...  But, I'll probably get another one of this on my next visit just to show you so watch out for it on Instagram. ;)

I also loved the Walnut Black Sesame Fresh Milk.  It comes with red beans as toppings.  I will probably order that again when I'm not craving for caffeine.  

Tip: One of the perks in ordering their hot drinks is that its served in a cute royal kitten cup. ;)

Special Drinks (served cold)
for you and for me
For You (195 php) and For Me (195 php)
A must buy on your first visit to Macao Imperial Tea is the For You - Caramel Macchiato and For Me - strawberry milkshake (reminds you of a song right?).  These are so cute!  I was surprised that it is actually made of glass.  For the price, its quite a steal.  This is a perfect little surprise for your loved one/s.

macao imperial tea soda
Midsummer Soda (145 php), Over the Raibow Soda (160 php), Blue Curacao Soda (145 php), Cherry Blossom Soda (145 php), Green Apple Soda (145 php)
Overheard from the When In Manila team from the next table, "you guys must order and take a photo of their sodas!  That's the highlight".   So I was intrigued and ordered the Over the Rainbow Soda.  It is served in a plastic tumbler.  It's not as cool as the bear-shaped glass tumbler of For You and For Me but the rainbow color makes you want to try it right?  According to owner Fredley, this is best consumed within 2 hours from purchase.  I tried shaking my technicolor-ed Over the Rainbow Soda and it turned light pink.   I was a pretty good sweet drink.  But, I think I prefer the special drinks I've tried. 

macao imperial tea menu
I feel that I barely scratched the surface in trying out Macao Imperial Tea's drinks because they have so many options.  I have to come back and try their Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, Tea, Milk Tea, Red Bean, Yakult, Coffee and Mpresso series next.

Macao Imperial Tea Banawe
Business Address 780 Banawe Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 251 8867

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