Little Owl Cafe: Longest Brunch (Broadway New Manila Quezon City)

A few weeks ago, I was invited to try Little Owls new menu.  It was introduced as the latest addition to Lola Group of CompaniesAlthough I have not tried any of their restaurants, I have heard a lot of raves about them from my foodie friends so I decided it was worth the travel from south to north.

little owl cafe

Unlike most establishments in the area, it had a huge parking space which can cater to around 9 cars. 

little owl cafe
Unless you prefer al fresco, I don't see any reason why you would not want to enjoy its cozy indoor interiors.

little owl cafe
The place looks so spacious, clean and refreshing. 

little owl cafe
There is also a function room or extended dining area on the second floor where we had our brunch.

salmon benedict
Salmon Benedict
Eggs Benedict is actually one of my favorite choices for breakfast or brunch so I was glad that they offered a Salmon Benedict.  This version has definitely passed my standards in terms of presentation, quality ingredients and serving portion.

Soups, Salads & Sandwiches
caesar salad
Caesar Salad (285 php)
Another classic healthy option is the
Caesar SaladIf you're less adventurous and want some greens, then go for this.  It's best to eat it upon serving so you can enjoy the romaines natural crispiness.

All Day Brunch Plates
thick cut bacon steaks
Thick Cut Bacon Steaks (365 php)
While it was mentioned in the menu that the All Day Brunch Plates are good for sharing, I am certain that I can finish a plateful of their Thick Cut Bacon Steaks on my own.  I bet the men would be wishing more than me for more meat cuts.  It is that delicious but short on portions.

Pancakes & Waffles
fluffy banana pancake
Fluffy Banana Pancake (220 php)
If there is one item I'd come back for at Little Owl Cafe, it would be the Fluffy Banana Pancake.  The fluffy and bouncy pancakes reminded me of Japanese cheesecakes.  I fell in love with it upon first bite.  

wild mushroom pasta
So we thought the Bolognese was their Wild Mushroom Pasta because it had mushrooms.  I liked the sweet and tangy blend the tomato sauce. 

mushroom tartine
Mushroom Tartine
The Mushroom Tartine is a must try for mushroom lovers like me.  But, it would have been even better if the cuts where smaller and equally distributed.  Also, some parts didn't have pesto sauce on it.

grilled cheese sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (220 php)
I do understand that they were still under soft opening phase during our visit but I can't help but feel disappointed still that the first Grilled Cheese Sandwich is so cheesy like the one on my photo while the second one is so thin that I can't barely recognize the 2 kinds of cheese.

chicken waffle burger
Chicken Waffle Burger
The chicken is crunchy on the outside and so juicy on the inside.  However with the heavy and chewy waffle, the flavor of the chicken isn't as evidentThe coleslaw is a great complement for both the chicken and waffle but it wasn't enough.

fish n chips
Fish N' Chips
They use dory fish for their Fish N' Chips which I'm not a fan of.  My table mates seemed to enjoy this though.

I wasn't able to take a photo of their Chocolate Tart (120 php) because it was gone in an instant.  I really loved how rich and bitter sweet it was.

Since I was invited and it was their soft opening phase, I will reserve my verdict for now.   To be honest, the 30 minute or so serving interval in between the dishes could have influenced my thoughts on the food and overall brunch experience.  To date, it was the longest brunch I have ever experienced (literally sat down from 11 am to past 3 pm).  For now, all I can say is the ambiance is superb but it comes with a steep price than if you would prefer having breakfast at the neighboring fast food restaurant.

Little Owl Cafe
Business Address 65 Broadway Ave., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 9am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-600
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 501-2036

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Osaka Ohsho: 9 New Cross Cultural Menu

It's been awhile since I paid Osaka Ohsho a revisit.  How timely that I was invited try their 9 new cross-cultural menu. 

truffle gyoza
Truffle Gyoza
Let me start with my favorite Truffle GyozaThe balance between the pork flavor and truffle oil is perfect.

chori gyoza
Chori Gyoza
For those who prefer a bolder and stronger flavor, the Chori Gyoza is for you.

nori nachos
Nori Nachos
The Nori Nachos is an addictive starter.  Its wonderfully crisp without any hint of greasiness.

chicken enoyaki
Chicken Enoyaki
The Chicken Enoyaki is an upgraded version of the usual Chicken Teriyaki.

matcha butter tonkatsu
Matcha Butter Tonkatsu
The Matcha Butter Tonkatsu is a peculiar twist even for an adventurous foodie like me.  I felt that the matcha butter wasn't spread evenly so it I could hardly taste it.

salmon cheese aburi
Salmon Cheese Aburi
The Salmon Cheese Aburi is my favorite among the new menu.

gyoza tantanmien
Gyoza Tantanmien
As opposed to the Gyoza Tantanmien which I didn't find striking enough. 

Japanese paella
Japanese Paella

Another must try is the Japanese Paella because of its rich, flavorful and creamy rice topped with my favorite Japanese seafood selections.

Last but not the least is the Black Pepper Gyudon.  Instead of the usual sweet Gyudon, this has gone on the peppery side.

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Your Local: New Serving Size and Price (Makati Metro Manila)

I've long been wanting to try Your Local.  Finally, there was vacancy one weekend so we took the opportunity to dine.

your local
With its dim lighting, you can barely see what's going on inside.

your local
Upon stepping in, you'd understand why.  The place is dark with low lighting and the wood furnitures furthers the dark appeal.

your local
But, it's candle lighting gives a serene feel to it.


torched salmon donburi
Torched Salmon Donburi (595 php)
My siblings who have tried Your Local insisted that first timers try the Torched Salmon Donburi so we ordered three of the same thing.  According to my siblings, the serving size is now smaller and the price is higher.  But, I think the serving size is just right as we had difficulty finishing our orders.

lamb rendang
Lamb Rendang (595 php)

Ahia said he tried the Lamb Rendang before and it was also bigger.  Again, I think the size is just enough for me.  The flavor is strong that it gives me an impression that is heavier than it actually is. 
I don't think I'll order one of this just for myself next time.  I think this is more suitable to be shared although Your Local serving portion is for one individual meal of viand and staple.
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Your Local may not be as hot as it was but its still worth going back for despite the price increase.  I will definitely go back when I crave for their one-of-a-kind Torched Salmon Donburi

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Your Local Menu
Ambiance Start | Main 1Mains | Sides | Dessert |
 White Wine | Red Wine | Cocktails | Drinks | Beer
=Favorites or Recommended 
Your Local
Business Address 106 Esteban, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Business Hours 11am-2pm; 6pm-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 600-1,500
Free WiFi No
Contact (0917) 654-3355
(02) 823-6206

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Naimas Taste of Home: Northern Philippine Cuisine Here in Manila (SM Light Mandaluyong)

When I was invited to Naimas Taste of Home, the name clued me in that it would have Ilocano dishes.

naimas taste of home
It had a cozy and native-influenced al fresco area.  

naimas taste of home
What awaits inside is a more spacious area.  They even have a second floor.


Mga Pulutan/Appetizers
sizzling sisig
Sizzling Sisig (260 php)

crispy garlic isaw
Crispy Garlic Isaw (240 php)
The Sizzling Sisig and Crispy Garlic Isaw is worth the cholesterol.

crispy tawilis
Crispy Tawilis (220 php)
But, I liked the Crispy Tawilis more.  It was very crispy and not too salty.

sizzling litid
Sizzling Litid (250 php)
I also loved the Sizzling Litid.  I think I enjoyed most of this sizzling plateful.

naimas nachos
Naimas Nachos (260 php)
Naimas Nachos is deep fried wanton with the usual nacho grande toppings.  This is the perfect bar chow as it doesn't get soggy even after a long period of time.

Mga Paborito/Favorites
adobong hipon sa aligue
Adobong Hipon sa Aligue (360 php)
One of my favorite is the Adobong Hipon sa Aligue.

paksiw na mata ng tuna
Paksiw na Mata ng Tuna (280 php)

But, the Paksiw na Mata ng Tuna is just as good.

pigar pigar
Pigar Pigar (380 php)
I was expecting the Pigar Pigar to have some liver.  But, I guess it was all beef which was good too because it was tender and flavorful.

kinulob na peking duck
Kinulob na Peking Duck (460 php)
Definitely save some space for the Kinulob na Peking DuckFor the price, this is a steal! 

Mga Gulay/Vegetables
gising gising
Gising Gising (210 php)
The Gising Gising is the healthiest among all our orders.  This is good but I guess everyone prefer the more sinful ones.

sinigang na bulalo
Sinigang na Bulalo (380 php)
Well, I haven't had a Bulalo I didn't enjoy so I was also comforted by the warm and savory Sinigang na Bulalo.

sinampalukang kambing
Sinampalokang Kambing (320 php)
This is my first time to try a goat dish here in Manila.  Trying the Sinampalokang Kambing brought me back to my childhood memories.  

I've spent some of my summer vacations at my mom's ancestral home in Ilocos Sur.  Every time we'd go there, my uncle would have our staffs buy a goat.  By the time we'd reach the house, there will be a live goat tied to the wooden post by the well.  The dried well was said to bring good fortune to the family.  The goat will be served to us for dinner as a special delicacy.  

How I miss those care-free days.  Everyday we would play with the neighborhood Ilocano boys (who used to bully and tease us by climbing up and make noise on our bed room window only to find out they just wanted to be playmates).  We would run or bike towards the tobacco fields to play hide and seek, luksong baka, patintero and our favorite of all: tumbang preso.  When we hear the church bell rings at 6 o' clock echoing across the entire town, we would head home for dinner which was the highlight of each day.  The manangs would set up our marbled folding tables and pair it with plastic stools by the window side so we could have a wonderful dinner with scenic view of the night sky wonderfully lit by stars, plaza light and church light.

pancit canton
Pancit Canton Regular (350 php)
I think this is hands down the tastiest Pancit Canton I've ever had.  And, look at the toppings... so many!

turon sa saba
Turon sa Saba (120 php)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
If you're looking for heart warming dishes from the Northern Philippine provinces, Naimas Taste of Home should definitely be on top of your list.  Just expect the dishes to have a bolder taste and flavor than its native counterparts.  But, based on the impressions of my fellow diners, they seem to like it better.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Naimas Taste of Home Menu
Ambiance Menu
=Favorites or Recommended 
Naimas Taste of Home SM Light
Business Address G/F SM Light Mall, EDSA Corner Madison Street, Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 246-9069 ext:408
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