Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ramen Nagi: Now Open In Signa Residences Valero Makati

It's been more than three years since I first tried Ramen Nagi.  That was the time when the Ramen Craze just landed in the Philippines.  Having more ramen houses with multiple branches has proven that ramen is here to stay and has become part of our food culture.

ramen nagi
Good news for Makati peeps because Ramen Nagi has just opened its very own stand alone store (not a store mall) in Signa Residences Valero Makati that is open until 12 midnight.

This is the very first Ramen Nagi that has a ramen bar style.  It's just like it's neighbor Mendokoro Ramenba but with a another bar type on the side and casual table set up on the outside.


Just for the opening of this new branch, Ramen Nagi offered the Nagi Jiro as a Limited King (only 100 bowls) for this branch alone.

Nagi Jiro (490 php) plus add ons
I was surprised with the Nagi Jiro!

Just look at the huge Jiro Chashu chunks!  I almost couldn't finish this because it has a heapload of beansprouts and it wasn't my only order.  But, it was so good that I just had to.  I advise you to finish it as fast as you can though because the chashu gets tougher to bite as it gets cold and dry.

green king
Green King (Midori) (410 php)
After 3 years, I'm happy to report that the serving size, price and consistency of the Green King (Midori) is exactly the same. =)

Side Dishes

perilla gyoza
Perilla Gyoza (240 php)
They didn't have any side dishes before so I got a bit excited in ordering, not expecting the huge Jiro NagiRamen Nagi also launched their new flavored side dishes.  So for their Gyoza there is Perilla, Garlic and CheeseI loved the Perilla Gyoza!

matcha chicken karaage
Matcha Chicken Karaage (290 php)
The Chicken Karaage also comes in three flavors: 7 Spice (300 php),  Curry (270 php) and Matcha (290 php).  The Matcha is bitter and bold.  Try if you think you can appreciate its authentic Japanese taste.  I liked it but my mom found it to be quite bitterish to her dismay.

katsu roll
Pork Katsu Roll (295 php)
Surprsingly even with the new flavored Gyoza and Chicken Karaage, everyone still loved the Pork Katsu Roll the most.

So there you have it.  Now you have Ramen Nagi Signa Residence (found at the Ground Level, Signa Designer Residences, V.A. Rufino St. corner Valero St., Salcedo Village) to consider when you have those late night ramen cravings!  And, they have great side dishes so you can tag along friends who may not have the same craving as you do.   Ramen is also my ideal break time meal whether for lunch or dinner or in between since it is served and eaten quickly.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Making Your Mornings Healthy with these Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club Overnight Oat Recipes

A few weeks ago, I was invited over to Le Petit Souffle for a brunch with Quaker Oats Philippines.

le petit souffle
My family is quite loyal to the Quaker brand.  In fact, every Sunday morning is our oatmeal morning day.  We cook our old fashioned oats and add some powdered milk and honey before serving.  For the past decades, that is the only way I know how to eat oatmeal.

joyce pring, wil dasovich, patti grandidge, lauren young
Joyce Pring, Wil Dasovich, Patti Grandidge and Lauren Young
But to my surprise, there's an easier, more convenient and fun way with overnight oats. 

I have to agree with Quaker's Marketing Manager for Nutrition Anne Remulla-Canda that "A lot of people actually think that oatmeal is hard to prepare..."

Wil Dasovich

But with my discover of overnight oats, as shared by Quaker’s own Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club led by Joyce Pring, Wil Dasovich, Patti Grandidge and Lauren Young, I can now have oatmeal more often during the week.

quaker overnight breakfast club
Although you can make your own mix and match...

Check out my creation which I shared on IG.
smores overnight oat recipe
But if you're not willing to risk, you can try these #QuakerOvernightBreakfastClub tried and tested Overnight Oat Recipes.

mango overnight oats

I recommend the S'Mores Overnight Oats and Mango Overnight Oats for the kids.

carrot cake overnight oats

berry overnight oats
 While adults would enjoy the Carrot Cake Overnight Oats and Berry Overnight Oats more.

le petit souffle
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   While, a brunch like these at Le Petit Souffle would be my ideal choice. 

le petit souffle

le petit souffle

le petit souffle

le petit souffle

le petit souffle
I feel that Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club Overnight Oats are just as good.  And, we can easily make them at home too.  I can't wait to make more of it!  

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Macao Imperial Tea: Instagrammable Couple Teas and Rainbow Colored Sodas (Now Open in Banawe)

I first spotted Macao Imperial Tea being constructed when we dined at Shabu Shabu Ichiban in Circuit Makati.  To my surprise, they have another one in Banawe (right in front of Eng Ho) and I was so fortunate to be invited to its grand opening!

macao imperial tea banawe
Yey! Finally, Macao Imperial Tea with over 200 branches in Macau, Vietnam, China (Shandong, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Juangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Anhui and Guizhou) United States and Canada is finally here in the Philippines.

macao imperial tea banawe
 The store in Banawe is so spacious with an al fresco and cozy indoor area.

macao imperial tea banawe
I just love its interiors.

macao imperial tea banawe
I highly recommend this as a student study area and work area.  It is so comfortable, private and more importantly, there are power outlets for each table.

macao imperial tea banawe
I initially thought that they were all about drinks.  But, turns out that they have food too.

apple pie
I heard the Apple Pie and Chocolate Lava Cake is good.  But, I didn't get to try those.

macao imperial tea
Chocolate Dome Cake (120 php), Marshmallow Chocolate Cake (120 php), Kitten Milk Tea (130 php) and Walnut Black Sesame Fresh Milk (160 php)

Instead, this is what I had.

chocolate dome cake
Chocolate Dome Cake (120 php)

The Chocolate Dome Cake is really good!  It was rich and bitter sweet.

marshmallow chocolate cake
Marshmallow Chocolate Cake (120 php)

I really had no idea what I was thinking by ordering two kinds of chocolate cakes.  But, it made me realize that I liked the Chocolate Dome Cake better because it was richer.  But, the Marshmallow Chocolate Cake offered smooth mallow icing and some chocolate chunks which made it a bit interesting and worth a try.


Special Drinks (served hot)
Kitten Milk Tea (130 php)
The special feature of the Kitten Milk Tea is that it comes with a cute kitten paw marshmallow that melts and expands and then vanishes.  I didn't get to take a photo of the expanded version because by some unfortunate circumstance, it got knocked off...  But, I'll probably get another one of this on my next visit just to show you so watch out for it on Instagram. ;)

I also loved the Walnut Black Sesame Fresh Milk.  It comes with red beans as toppings.  I will probably order that again when I'm not craving for caffeine.  

Tip: One of the perks in ordering their hot drinks is that its served in a cute royal kitten cup. ;)

Special Drinks (served cold)
for you and for me
For You (195 php) and For Me (195 php)
A must buy on your first visit to Macao Imperial Tea is the For You - Caramel Macchiato and For Me - strawberry milkshake (reminds you of a song right?).  These are so cute!  I was surprised that it is actually made of glass.  For the price, its quite a steal.  This is a perfect little surprise for your loved one/s.

macao imperial tea soda
Midsummer Soda (145 php), Over the Raibow Soda (160 php), Blue Curacao Soda (145 php), Cherry Blossom Soda (145 php), Green Apple Soda (145 php)
Overheard from the When In Manila team from the next table, "you guys must order and take a photo of their sodas!  That's the highlight".   So I was intrigued and ordered the Over the Rainbow Soda.  It is served in a plastic tumbler.  It's not as cool as the bear-shaped glass tumbler of For You and For Me but the rainbow color makes you want to try it right?  According to owner Fredley, this is best consumed within 2 hours from purchase.  I tried shaking my technicolor-ed Over the Rainbow Soda and it turned light pink.   I was a pretty good sweet drink.  But, I think I prefer the special drinks I've tried. 

macao imperial tea menu
I feel that I barely scratched the surface in trying out Macao Imperial Tea's drinks because they have so many options.  I have to come back and try their Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, Tea, Milk Tea, Red Bean, Yakult, Coffee and Mpresso series next.

Macao Imperial Tea Banawe
Business Address 780 Banawe Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 251 8867

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Shabu Shabu Ichiban: Nagoya's Number 1 Hot Pot Brand (Circuit Makati)

Being an eldest sister (achi), I usually treat my shobes (little sisters) from time to time.  Each of my sisters have a different personality as well as preference.  So how did we end up in Shabu Shabu Ichiban?

shabu shabu ichiban makati
My youngest shobe loves playing games so if you recall, I brought her to Table Taft.  My second youngest shobe is a fashionista and into beauty so its usually pampering session with her.  Finally, my oldest shobe who is the only foodie among my shobes,  loves two things: Coffee and Eat All You Can.  Over the years, we've tried several eat all you can restaurants but this is the first time I've brought her out for an eat all you can shabu shabu.

shabu shabu ichiban philippines
As soon as we arrived, we were ushered to a seat.  Table set up was almost instantaneous.

shabu shabu ichiban manila
The dining area is divided into two parts.  The common dining area has tables that can serve around 4-6 persons with one large hot pot cooker.  On the other hand, they also have a group dining area that can serve up to 15 persons with each person having a small individual cooker.


Set B
Chinese Cabbage Kimchi and Edamame
To our amazement, they've been open since last year.  But, we just discovered it recently.  They have 3 sets for the eat all you can.  Set A, Set B and Set C.  We opted for Set B believing that it is the most "bang for the buck" option.

spicy mismo kimchi broth
If you're seating in the casual dining area, your group will have a choice of two soup broths.  The broth is refillable.  It was a tough choice to make for us since we could only choose 2 out of their 24 soup brothers.  I wanted a spicy one but shobe doesn't like spicy foods so we compromised with the Tonkotsu (non-spicy) broth and Spicy Miso Kimchi broth.  We also had a choice of refillable drink each. 

shabu shabu ichiban
Set B offers refillable Chinese Cabbage Kimchi, Edamame, Sushi and Sashimi Platter, Vegetable Platter, US Angus Chuck Eye Roll, US Beef Short Plate, Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt), Chicken Leg Quarter, Ground Chicken & Pork, Assorted Balls and Dumplings, Shrimp Tempura, Japanese Style Fried Chicken Wings, Kushikatsu, Japanese Rice, Udon, Raw Egg and Home-made Ice Cream.

sashimi and sushi
Sushi and Sashimi Platter
While shobe and I agree that the Sushi and Sashimi Platter is not one of their strengths, at least they offer it as an addition to the already wide selection.  You don't get this if you opt for Set A.

japanese style fried chicken wings
Japanese Style Fried Chicken Wings
I'm usually not a fan of fried chicken wings.  I really liked the Japanese Style Fried Chicken Wings.  Shobe loved it too.  We would have eaten more of this if we weren't overwhelmed by the other options.


Most Kushikatsu we encounter is oily.  But, this one isn't.  It's very crunchy on the outside and the beef roll filling is so tender and juicy.  We were impressed!  If you choose Set A, you only get either Japanese Style Fried Chicken Wings or Kushikatsu.

Shrimp Tempura
The Shrimp Tempura is the reason why many would upgrade from Set A to Set B.

Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt), US Beef Short Plate and US Angus Chuck Eye Roll
The highlight of the meal is the meat!  Look at the beautiful marbling of these imported meat.

Vegetable Platter, Udon, Raw Egg and Assorted Balls and Dumplings
You can choose more dumplings for refills.

Chicken Leg Quarter and Ground Chicken & Pork

This is actually my first time to try shabu-shabu with Ground Chicken & Pork.  It's a really good way to enhance the flavor of the broth.

Assorted Mushrooms, Assorted Dumplings and US Angus Chuck Eye Roll Refill
Shobe ordered the Assorted Mushrooms, Assorted Dumplings and US Angus Chuck Eye Roll.

It's so good!  Try dipping it just for a few seconds until cooked so you can savor its beefy goodness.

We really loved the quality of their ingredients especially the US Angus Chuck Eye Roll.

Shobe decided to drop her Raw Egg on the broth and had it hard boiled.  Did you know that their Raw Egg is especially brushed so you can just drop it in.  On the other hand, I prefer just cracking it raw and using it as a dip.

Home-Made Strawberry Ice Cream
We tried all three flavors of their Home-Made Ice Cream.  We loved the Home-Made Strawberry Ice Cream the most.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We haven't enjoyed shabu-shabu as much as we've experienced in Shabu Shabu Ichiban.  In fact, we've actually recommended this to family and friends who have tried and gave the same feedback as we did.  You should try it too! 

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Shabu Shabu Ichiban Menu
Ambiance Step 1: Drink | Step 2: Soup
Set A | Set B | Set C |
A La Carte | Drinks |

=Favorites or Recommended 
Shabu Shabu Ichiban
Business Address Ground Floor, Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City
Business Hours Lunch: 11 am-2:30 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge N/A (price is net)
Budget/Person 350-1,000
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 7728085 | 5774536

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