Eton Global Institute: Our Breads and Spreads Lifestyle Course (Dimasalang Sampaloc Manila)

I've heard of Eton International School.  I only know it because it offers Chinese so it's a typical choice for Chinese in the area.  But, I was surprised to find out that they established Eton Global Institute Center for Culinary & Hospitality Management.

eton global institute
Eton Global Institute is a provider of international trainings and life-skills programs for Culinary and Hospital Management in Manila. 

eton global institute Eton Global Institute has different programs depending on your preference:
  1. Junior Culinary Club - designed for kids with a schedule of every Saturday morning.
  2. Lifestyle Course - designed for adults with a different theme each week and an average of 5 recipes per week.  
  3. Diploma Course - a 3-6 month professional programs in Culinary and Pastry Food & Beverage Operations, Bar Management and Hospitality Services.  
  4. Special Requests - They can also offer Beginner Class (1 day session), Master Class (2-3 Days Session) and Special Occasions (Individual Classes, Private Parties, Family Celebrations, Professional Parties and Events Catering)
Life Style Course: Breads and Spreads
eton global institute
One Saturday, me and my friends joined in on the Breads and Spreads Lifestyle Course and we had so much fun!

eton global institute
The texture test

First there was a demonstration and then there was a hands-on experience where we had to do everything ourselves.  Each table or team had a chef on standby to assist and inspect.

eton global institute
The team practiced good teamwork.  We took turns in doing different tasks.

eton global institute
What I liked about the class is it thought us the basic foundation (from ground up).

eton global institute
Prior to this, I tried baking using pre-mixes bought from grocery stores.  But, it felt purely mechanical.  I did not understand how breads work.

Here's we understood the science and art of bread-making so we  knew how to measure, tweak and substitute ingredients. 

The schedule is also very systematic.  There wasn't any idle time at all.  While some breads were being baked, we did something else.

Our Italian Foccacia

And, the lessons were wholesome.  We were even thought on how to slice our Italian Foccacia.

Caramel Cinnamon Roll
During the class, we are given a recipe card.  (Perhaps, I will share all those soon). 

It was very well-prepared.  It lists down ingredients alphabetically with quantity and unit. 

It also lists down the procedure step by step. 

Aside from the learning part, we all discovered also how fun and therapeutic doing labor and seeing the fruit of our labor is.
It made us appreciate breads more.

In fact, my team (we named ourselves the "baguettes") are very proud of our masterpiece.

Although we know we have much to learn by practice and experience.

Overall, we loved the experience!  I'd happily come back to Eton Global Institute for more classes!

Eton Global Institute 
R.V. Marzan Building
1633 Makiling St. Cor.
Dimasalang Sampaloc,
Manila, Philippines

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