Monday, August 22, 2016

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant: Japanese Restaurant with Cool Memorabilia Collection (Kapitolyo Pasig)

Whenever we would be in the Kapitolyo area, my cousins would recommend dining in Haru Susi Bar & Restaurant.  For some reason, we were not able to dine there but it sparked my mom's epicuriosity once again and we tried it one night when they had an available parking space.

haru sushi bar restaurant
The place is always full so we were quite delighted for the chance.

haru sushi bar restaurant
Upon reaching the entrance, we were told to wait a few minutes as they are still preparing our table.

haru sushi bar restaurant
We intended to have sushi by the sushi bar but it was still occupied so we decided to try that next time instead.

haru sushi bar restaurant
The atmosphere is different from all other Japanese Restaurants we've triedIf only we weren't such a shy family, I bet it would have been fun to take our photo ops by their decors.

haru sushi bar restaurant
There were Japanese memorabilia that really give it a traditional Japanese vibe.  

haru sushi bar restaurant
From the parking area is a path way towards their extended area.

haru sushi bar restaurant
We passed by this room after our dinner. 

haru sushi bar restaurant
There were Japanese toys which reminded us of our childhood.

haru sushi bar restaurant
Brother had some of those when we were little.  But, unfortunately, they got lost when we moved to our new home. 

Now, on with the food...
dynamite roll
Dynamite Roll (269 php)
They say, you can't dine at Haru and not have sushi so we ordered the Dynamite Roll.  True enough, this is by far one of the best Dynamite Rolls we've tried!  This is their version of the sushi roll with spicy tuna, salmon, Japanese cucumber with a coat of tobikko.  We loved this so much that we ordered 2 more of this!

crazy roll
Crazy Roll (198 php)
The Crazy Roll which is a sushi roll with kani, ripe mango, cucumber with haikara flakes and topped with kani tossed with Japanese mayonnaise.  We loved the crunch factor brought by the haikara flakes but this was outshun by the Dynamite Roll.

Sukiyaki Large (605 php)
We ordered the Sukiyaki Large which exactly serves six bowls.  Mom was amused by the little quail eggs they added on each bowlful finding them to be quite cuteWe were impressed by their Sukiyaki which was served piping hot and not too sweet.   We also enjoyed the tenderness of the meat and the silky smooth tofu.

tori shitake hasayamaki
Tori Shitake Hasayamaki (315 php)
The Tori Shitake Hasayamaki was just okay.  It didn't give us an impression of ordering it again anytime soon.

ika teppanyaki
Ika Teppanyaki (375 php)
One of mom's strict consideration when ordering a Ika Teppanyaki is that it should be easy for her to mince.  This passed!

oyster teppanyaki
Oyster Teppanyaki (248 php)
What we all loved the most among our cooked dishes is the Oyster Teppanyaki.  We could tell that it was fresh and cooked with precision to keep it delicious sea flavors locked in.

fried rice
Fried Rice (80 php)
For staple, we ordered the Fried Rice.  I normally have no say when it comes to staples but this one stands out because of the crunchy vegetables.  We all had extra rice!
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Haru Sushi Bar popularity has already preceded this post and I can totally understand why.  Perhaps, the only set back is its steep price compared to other restaurants in the Kapitolyo area.  But, one should also consider that its premium food quality and its Japanese cuisine justifies their pricing.  I really do hope we could go back soonest to try their sushi bar. 

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Haru Sushi Bar Menu
Ambiance Yakimono | Tempura | Tempura 2 |  
Teppanyaki 1 |
=Favorites or Recommended 
Haru Sushi Bar
Business Address 21 West Capitol Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Business Hours 11am-2pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-800
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 631-0597
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Caffe Dolce: Dessert and Coffee Night in Banawe Quezon City

One of my little sister's friend from college is a Buddhist Taiwanese and he has long been recommending Caffe Dolce.

Caffe DolceCaffe Dolce
So one night, my mom once against drags as all out just to have some dessert and coffee there.  If you've been reading my posts... that is usual for my mom.

Caffe Dolce
We were surprised upon reaching the mezzanine level that there is a cute and coffee cafe hidden therein.  

Caffe Dolce

And despite being late for an ordinary night, there were numerous couples and groups who seem to be enjoying the comforts of the serene place.  Caffe Dolce also has an Al Fresco area.
Caffe Dolce
While waiting for our orders, the family had fun taking photo ops with these teddy bears.

Cafe Selection
Caffe Dolce
Marshmallow Caffe Hot (135 php)
The Marshmallow Caffe was enjoyed by my little sister.  The marshmallow adds a mellow tone of sweetness and a lovable puffy and creamy texutre. 

Caffe Dolce
Rose Caffe Latte Hot (135 php)
My other sister chose the Rose Caffe Latte which she loved till the last sip.  It's fragrant rosy flavor and aroma complements their coffee well.

Caffe Dolce
Caffe Jelly (135 php)
I had the Caffe Jelly which passed my picky standards.  The froth and jelly brings a liveliness to the coffee coffee.

Saint Petersburg Selection
Caffe Dolce
Chamomile with Apple Hot (120 php)
Their pot of Chamomile with Apple is good for sharing.  I loved the combination of the real apple bits and refreshing chamomile tea.

Classic Tea Selection
Caffe Dolce
Iced Pomelo with Peach (109 php)
My youngest sister who isn't much of a coffee and tea fan ordered the Iced Pomelo with Peach.  We were all thrilled when she finished this.  She rarely fully consumed what she orders.

Honey Toast Selection
chocolate matcha honey toast
Chocolate Green Tea Honey Toast (209 php)
A must order for me in every Taiwanese Cafe is their honey toastMy majority vote, we got the Chocolate Green Tea Honey Toast.  It was good but not the best we've tried.  The toppings were great but I guess it was the honey toast which could be better.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
When you're in the Banawe Area and looking for a place to relax, definitely give Caffe Dolce a try.  Their ambiance and drinks offers a unique cafe experience.  The price is affordable too.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Caffe Dolce Menu
Ambiance Caffe | Tea | Frost | Soda
Soup | Salad | Appetizer | Sandwiches
Pasta | Pizza | Set | Set2
 Waffle | Honey ToastGroup
=Favorites or Recommended 
Caffe Dolce
Business Address 848 Banawe Corner Linaw Street, Sienna, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 150-800
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02)  806-1103
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Buffy's: Buffalo or Carabao Milk Pasalubong for the Family (Tagaytay Cavite)

Whenever I would go to Tagaytay, the first on my list would be Buko Pie and in addition, I'd buy Buffalo or Carabao Milk as pasalubong for the family.  Buffy's is located just beside Orient - The Original Buko Pie Shop so it's quite convenient for me to purchase there.

buffys buffalo milk
Their signage is big and eye-catching.

buffys buffalo milk
Inside, there's a dine in area.

buffys buffalo milk
Yes, they have a menu. But despite my numerous visits, I have yet to try it.

buffys buffalo milk
Carabao Pastillas
buffys buffalo milk
Carabao Milk (110 php)
To be honest, all buffalo or carabao milks I've tried taste just the same to me.  So I just buy whereever convenient.  The price is negiligible of course.  But, I think Mr. Moo which I've previously shared is a bit cheaper because it is merely a pop out store.  But, the service here is better because they ice the milk properly.  They also have ice creams and yogurt which I have yet to try.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Buffy's Menu
Ambiance n/a
=Favorites or Recommended 
Business Address Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Business Hours 9am-7pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi No
Contact (0917) 5069531

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