Wee Nam Kee: New Menu Filled with the United Flavors of Singapore (Ayala Traingle Makati)

Last week, the family checked out the Symphony of Lights at Ayala TriangleThere was a BIG crowd and I guess that wore us out and got us hungry.  We decided to revisit Wee Nam Kee. 

As expected, there are new dishes to try! 

Claypot Chicken Rice

The Claypot Chicken Rice is my new found favorite Wee Nam Kee.  As the name implies, it is a rice topping served in an earthenware.  It has slices of chicken, Chinese chorizo, black mushrooms, onion leeks and ginger in oyster sauce
Beef Rendang
The National dish of Indonesia Beef Rendang is another favorite of mine.  This has the right blend of spices, coconut milk and tomato sauce to whet your appetite.  And, the beef is so tender that the tendons melts in your mouth.

Bak Kuh Teh'
The hearty and sumptous Bak Kuh Teh' is filled with a generous portion of pork ribs, black mushrooms, tofu, garlic, herbs and spices.  This is so comforting as if you're looking for something to warm up your tummy.

Singaporean Beef
The Singaporean Beef is a must try if you want to skip rice for noodles.  It's so savory.  The meat is so soft that it complements the noodles well.

It's a great idea that Wee Nam Kee has introduced dishes that recognizes the united flavors of Singapore.   With consistently great-tasting dishes, another visit in the future is expected!

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