Top 5 Food Storage Hacks I Apply in My Daily Life

     Whoever we are and whatever we decide to be, we cannot escape the reality of our limited time.  There’s no right and wrong track on who we choose to be or what we what to pursue in life.  And, in my life, I choose to pursue happiness while sustaining a healthy life.  How do I do that?  I sneak in 8-hours of sleep and vegetables and fruits in my daily diet.  Sounds simple right?  But, mind you I know a lot of individuals who don’t have the luxury of even that.  Honestly, had I not been wise and efficient, I might not afford those too.

      I’ll share with you the top 5 food storage hacks I apply in my daily life.

Top 5: Buy Stackable Food Storage Containers

          By buying stackable containers such as the Lock & Lock Plasticware, you can save space on your cupboard and you’ll also save a lot of time because you don’t need to rearrange your containers every time you have to keep them.

Top 4: Prevent Container Stains By Spraying Cooking Oil

    Stains on your plasticware will promote bad bacteria so before using them with staining food like tomato sauce and carrots, spray some cooking oil as protective coating.  

Top 3: Buy Airtight Containers That Can Fit the Side of Your Freezer Door

       Whenever I bring home fresh beef and fish from the market, I clean them up, slice them depending on my intended recipe and place them in an airtight container.  It’s best to buy airtight containers like this Lock & Lock plasticware that can fit the side of the freezer door as it saves a lot of space and keeps my fridge organized.  The airtight function is very useful as it keeps my freezer odorless and stain-free by preventing blood drips.  At the same time, it locks in the freshness.

Top 2: Freeze Grapes as a Healthy Snack

     I used to be an ice cream addict.  I swear I used to finish a pint of ice cream in one seating
and I ate that almost every day especially during summer.  I guess I reached my limit as I had a
relapse of being lactose intolerant (I was lactose intolerant as a child).  So naturally, I had to
find an equally cool and delicious healthy snack and that’s when I discovered frozen grapes. 
This fulfills my daily fruit requirement in a very fun and convenient way because it’s like a bite
-size Popsicle.  It’s also economical because when I used to place it in the fridge drawer, give it
two weeks tops before it becomes rotten or worse, moldy.  This way, I can eat modestly and yet,
have more to eat for the coming days without any spoilage.

Top 1: Store with Paper Towel on Top of Greens

      I try to incorporate greens to my daily diet as much as I can.  As I can only go to the market
once a week and I eat my veggies every day, what I do is I cut them off from the stem, place
them in an airtight container and place a paper towel on the top.  The paper towel absorbs the
moisture and keeps them as fresh and dry as possible.  As you can see my veggie for the week is
our very healthy, very cheap, locally sourced Camote (Sweet Potato) Tops Leaves which I enjoy
simply by boiling with bagoong (fish sauce). 

    So with this hacks on my sleeves, this answers all my friends question on how I manage to
juggle and afford to study, blog, explore and bombard them with my reviews, blog entries and
tempting photos.  =p

lock & lock

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