Tokyo Bubble Tea: Sakura Season Launch with Set Meals and Drinks


While, I couldn't be in Japan to witness the blooming of cherry blossoms, I'm fortunate enough to be invited to Tokyo Bubble Tea's Sakura Season Launch last week.

tokyo bubble tea
I'm quite surprised that Tokyo Bubble Tea is a homegrown concept because their Japanese fusion drinks and meals are awesome!

For the Tokyo Bubble Tea's Sakura Season Launch they have introduced 3 new Sakura JCC Milk Teas: Sakura Royal Milk Tea, Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea, and Sakura Taro Milk Tea and 3 new Sakura Bento Trays: Sakura Soy Ginger Fish, Sakura Chicken Katsu, and Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg.

sakura chicken katsu
Sakura Chicken Katsu (360 php)
I got to try the Sakura Chicken Katsu.   This is my first meal at Tokyo Bubble Tea by the way and I'm very impressed.  This is a very delicious and wholesome meal.

sakura taro milk tea
Sakura Taro Milk Tea
I've always loved the regular Tokyo Bubble Tea's Taro Milk Tea.  The Sakura Taro Milk Tea is even better.

sakura mango roll
Sakura Mango Roll
We also got to try Honeybon's Sakura Mango Roll.

sakura mango roll
It was very beautiful and the price is reasonable too.

sakura mango roll
Sakura Mango Roll (120 php/slice)
I loved the Sakura Mango Roll because it has a slightly tangy and sweet taste.  It was also very light and fluffy.

Possible Prizes
If you mix and match the Sakura Bento Trays and Sakura JCC Milk Teas will get to pick a prize from the special Sakura tree which is overflowing with exclusive Tokyo Bubble Tea merchandise including super cute plush toys and snazzy tees featuring our three favorite Bubblets, Sakura, Midori, and Ichiban!  You can also get some awesome vouchers.

Bubblets, Sakura, Midori, and Ichiban
 I already got the Sakura.  I want to collect them all! =)  The Sakura Season is available for a limited time stating from April 15 so let's try our luck! 

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