TamaYaki: Next-Level Takoyaki and Tea Drinks (SM North Edsa)

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

As SM North Edsa is so crowded on a weekend afternoon, I found it very comforting to chill at TamaYaki.  


TamaYaki is an international takoyaki and milk tea chain that originated from China and has now over 200 stores internationally as it already has franchises in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia and Spain.

It has a hip and retro interior that's very distinct to it.   The ordering takes place by the counter.  For the drinks, don't forget to indicate your desired sugar level.  You will be given their cute number stub and wait for it to be displayed on the monitor.

 I really like their design especially the lighting.

The ccharacters are so cute! 


They have a very nice packaging for their TamayakiDid I mention, that their takoyaki is bigger than average?  And, it has a crunchy coating too.  It actually reminded me of the crunchy sensation when eating Hash Brown.  Because of their huge serving size, I suggest you better bring some company so you can share and try more flavors or just add more toppings for 25-35 php each.  Otherwise, you'll be satisfied with just one order.

Mussel & Cheese (125 php) and Seasoned Octopus (115 php)
 The Seasoned Octopus is the classic takoyaki I've grown accustomed too with sliced octopus and cabbage topped with nori strips, bonito flakes and sweet takoyaki sauce.  But, in addition, they also offered the white Japanese mayo (for non-spicy lovers) and spicy curry sauce (for spicy lovers)

Mussel & Cheese (125 php)
I was really intrigued with the Mussel & Cheese because I've never tried something similar before.

Mussel & Cheese (125 php)

To identify your orders, they have a label on the box.

Mussel & Cheese (125 php)
Each piece has a mussel, shredded cabbage and melted mozzarella cheese.  The Mussel & Cheese is my favorite among all our orders.

Korean Pork BBQ (95 php)

We were really surprised that they offered the Korean Pork BBQ because takoyaki is Japanese and the brand originated in China.

Korean Pork BBQ (95 php)

The Korean Pork BBQ was pretty good as it contained a Korean-spiced pork cube along with the cabbage.
Double Cheese (115 php)

If you love mozzarella, the Double Cheese is for you.


Milk Tea
Sake Milk Tea with Rice Ball Cold (110 php)
For their tea selections, you can choose either Hot or Cold.  I got to try the Sake Milk Tea with Rice Ball which had a harmless amount of sake.  My friends liked it because of the sake.  They say it was very smooth despite the alcohol.  As I'm not an alcoholic drinker, it didn't appeal to me so I traded it with a friend for the Tamayaki Milk Tea with Pearl Cold (85 php).  The blend of tea is not strong but not too light either.

Matcha Milk Tea with Adzuki Bean Cold (95 php)
They only have one size which is the tall cup you're seeing.  I ordered Matcha Milk Tea with Adzuki Bean.  It was really good even though I opted to have it without sugar.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
TamaYaki offers next-level takoyaki selections unlike any other.  I could see why it's popularity has sweeped many countries.  Their crunchy coated and huge-sized takoyaki with special fillings are worth coming back for.  The price may seem hefty but really it's not as you're sure to be full after snacking.  The awesome ambiance is another plus.

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Branches SM North Edsa
North Ave Bagong Pag-asa, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Additional Hills
453 P Guevarra St. Addition Hills, 
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Landmark Makati
Foodcourt, West St. cor Palm Dr San Lorenzo, 
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Fisher Mall
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Quirino Hwy. Greater Lagro, 
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Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours) 
except Additional Hills 11pm-12am
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Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-400
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Contact (02) 705-1856
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