Caliber Cafe: Afternoon Snack at Armada Hotel Malate Manila

Sometimes, I just want to put life on a hold and press "pause".  For some reason, I just want to stop and chill a bit before I can go on and press "play" and it goes on.  On time, I feel like that I just randomly do something out of the ordinary.  This time, I went to the nearest hotel just to have some snack. It was a bit odd that the cafe had no label or signage at all.  I wouldn't have known its name Caliber Cafe if I hadn't asked.

caliber cafe
I've been to Armada Hotel once but that was for Raja Thai Cuisine.  This one is more cozy and elegant so I was taken by surprise.  No idea what star of hotel Armada Hotel is.  But, the cafe looks grand don't you think?

caliber cafe
I loved the red cushioned seats which I wouldn't mind seating on for hours while enjoying their fast and reliable WiFi.


Soups & Salads
traditional caesar salad
Traditional Caesar Salad (335 php)
I had the Traditional Caesar Salad which looks good right?  It is!

I'll be honest.  I came there to escape the intense hot weather and was craving for something cold like halo-halo.  But upon glancing the menu, they didn't have that so I had these instead.
chocolate salami
Chocolate Salami (95 php)
I loved the creativity they put on the Chocolate Salami so I ordered one.  It was a delicious rich dark chocolate with marshmallow and cashew nuts.  It was so good!  I love the plating too. 
angel caramelo
Angel Caramelo (105 php)
The Angel Caramelo is creme brulee.  It was nothing out of the ordinary.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
If you're looking for a good hotel cafe with an elegant and cozy ambiance and good WiFi, definitely put Caliber Cafe into consideration.  The price is standard for a hotel cafe.  The service is top-notch too. 

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Caliber Cafe at Armada Hotel
Business Address 2108 M. H Del Pilar, 
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 6 am-10 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-1,000
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 526-0888
Other  Website | Facebook Fan Page
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