Mañosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops: Maki Mi and other Very Affordable Chinese Dishes!

My mom grew up loving the Maki Mi of Mañosa in Ongpin.  So when we heard that there is Mañosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops at RCBC Plaza in the corner of Sen Gil Puyat and Ayala in Makati, we decided to dine there to relive her childhood memories. 

mañosa noodles seafood chops rcbc plaza makati
Mañosa is one of the oldest authentic Chinese restaurants.  It was first established in 1940's! 

mañosa noodles seafood chops rcbc plaza makati
The place had yellow lighting.  The walls had pictures of the old Binondo.  The interior gives a rustic and native Filipino-Chinese feel to it. 


Maki (110 php)
My brother ordered the Maki which is only broth and starched beef strips without noodles.

maki mi
Maki Mi (120 php)
Everyone was so excited I guess that we ordered a Maki Mi for each of us.  The serving is generous so it overwhelmed us.  We could probably finish it if it was our only order but since it wasn't, we should've at last shared this. >.< The Maki Mi was good though.  The broth was thick, rich and slimy just the way its supposed to be.  The starched beef strips was savory and tender.  The noodles is your typical Chinese egg noodles. 

oyster cake
Oyster Cake (200 php)
Don't let its confusing marbled appearance fool you.  This is one damn good Oyster Cake!

pata tim
Pata Tim (365 php)
The Pata Tim is a Filipino Chinese fusion braised pork leg dish.  This is our family favorite.  Despite being health-conscious, all of us easily succumb to the flavorful yet sinful pork skin and oh-so-tender braised pork meat.  We also ate the vegetables to lessen the guilt. =p

Chami (140 php)
Cha means "stir-fry" and Mi means "noodles" in Chinese.  I like their unique version which is soaked in Maki sauce because I'm not fond of dry noodles in the first place.  This had thick egg noodles and loads of meat strips and vegetables. 

Kiampong (48 php)
The only let down for the night was the Kiampong.   It tasted odd! 

Machang (65 php)
We love Machang!  In fact, we always have a stock at home in case we're to lazy to cook, we just boil one.  Mañosa's version was simple with pork chunks that's quite meaty and not too fatty.  It was good but I'd prefer a Machang with black mushrooms. 

black gulaman
Black Gulaman (50 php)
The Black Gulaman is not only cheap but it was very refreshing!  Everyone ordered a glass of this.  This had vanilla essence, shaved ice, sugar and gulaman cubes. 

mango black gulaman
Mango Black Gulaman (70 php)
I ordered an extra Mango Black Gulaman because I've never tried one before.  I super loved this tantalizing glass of sweet mango puree with black gulaman cubes! 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The legendary fame for affordably priced authentic Chinese dishes of  Mañosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops continuous and I bet it will go on for a very long time.  Their Maki Mi is as good as it has always been.  Don't miss out on it. 

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Mañosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops
Branches Ongpin
926 Ongpin Street | Binondo,
Manila, Metro Manila

Ayala Paseo
3rd Floor, Food Court, RCBC Plaza, Salcedo Street, Ayala Paseo,
Makati City, Metro Manila

Serenity Heights Bldg, 815 Banawe St Sto. Domingo,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10 am-9 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 697-7803
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