Villa Cafe: A Tribute Post to A Legendary Place for Kapampangan Cuisine (Closed)

I first met Chef Sau Del Rosario during the Culinaria Campampangan at Corniche in Diamond Hotel.  From then on I've been a fan.  My mom also reads his recipes at Breakfast Magazine so Villa Cafe has long been on our wishlist. 

villa cafe
A few months ago, we were in the area so we finally consummated our long time plan to dine there.  It has adequate parking.  

villa cafe
The place was white, modern and minimalistic.  The seating capacity is very limited. 

villa cafe

villa cafe
There were shelves with products.  We bought the Dulong in Olive Oil.  It was really good.


villas caesar salad
Villa's Caesar Salad (375 php)
We tried the Villa's Caesar Salad which is their version of our classic favorite salad.  It was a medley of fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, tinapa flakes, salted egg and queso de bola producing a harmonious sweet, salty and zesty tones.  We all felt gleeful for every bit of this.

villas rellenung bangus
Villa's Rellenung Bangus (450 php)
This is not the dry Rellenung Bangus I've encountered in the past.  The Villa's Rellenung Bangus is oh-so soft, tasty and silky!  We loved this!

pastel de lengua
Pastel de Lengua (525 php)
The Pastel de Lengua is a colorful dish with button mushrooms, chorizo sausages, lengua, red and green peppers and potatoes.  The chewy, crunchy and mushy textures made this dish quite toothsome!  It was also delightful to have its rich, bold, meaty flavors linger in the mouth. 

boneless crispy pata
Boneless Crispy Pata (675 php)
Most of the members of my health-conscious family tend to stray from this sinful dish.  But upon hearing our songs of praise for the Boneless Crispy Pata and its delicious kare-kare sauce, they also came to worship this! 


tinapa and pineapple fried rice
Tinapa and Pineapple Fried Rice Sharing (250 php)
The Tinapa and Pineapple Fried Rice is a mix of sweet, salty and tangy flavors.  Its taste is subtle making it a great accompaniment for any viand.

adobo garlic fried rice
Adobo Garlic Fried Rice Sharing (250 php)
The Adobo Garlic Fried Rice is quite tasty and fragrant with its garlicky essence that compliments the adobo sauce well.

Lecheron (275 php)
We initially ordered only one Lecheron which is leche flan fritters with vanilla ice cream.  Upon first bite into its crisp wrap followed by the velvety custard, my mom quickly called the server for an another of this. 

NOTE: This is a tribute post because we passed by it recently and it is closed down already. =(

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Villa Cafe is a legendary place for Kapampangan Cuisine.  My family is rarely impressed with local cuisine and yet it won us over.  Our dining experience here was remarkably memorable!  The price is a bit steep but worth every peso for the quality delivered.  The service is also great.  

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Villa Cafe
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Service Charge 10%
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